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Simplified Content Management with Xerox DocuShare Flex

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Feb 14, 2019 10:00:00 AM

The workplace is a complex environment, from the SMBs all the way up to enterprise level companies. One of the toughest tasks companies have is storing and managing all the content they deal with on a daily basis.

Thousands, even millions of documents exist at businesses in the form of emails, receipts, reports, invoices, applications, and more. This content needs to be stored safely, but it also needs to be easily accessible for the purpose of file sharing with other appropriate parties.

While some people still try to sort through piles of paper and take the old-school approach, there’s a new way to handle content management. Xerox innovations have offered users a digitized solution in the form of Xerox DocuShare Flex. What is this tool, and how does it help simplify the management of content?B2-1

How Xerox Innovations Make Content Management Easy

A great content management system (CMS) is one of the best tools any business can have. Between content pieces and daily tasks, there are a lot of things for companies to keep up with. Luckily, the Xerox DocuShare Flexsystem lives up to its name – it’s a flexible way to manage and share documents for companies of all sizes.

Whether it’s a start-up, a mid-sized business, or the department of an enterprise location, managing documents and standard tasks has never been easier.  The product offers three primary functions:

  • Digitizing Documents: Put away the paper mess by transferring important documents to a CMS for easy storage and retrieval.
  • Cloud Storage:Manage the storage of important documents and processes via a versatile cloud drive for flexible usage.
  • Easy Sharing:Share important documents with other employees, clients, customers, and any other authorized party in or out of the organization.

This product is a service version of DocuShare content management. The software as a service (SaaS) format simplifies implementation and use for the user, further aiding them in the streamlining of work processes and document management.

One look at the product’s features, and companies will see the speed, flexibility, and scalability it can offer.

Advantages of Using the DocuShare Flex CMS

The first thing users will notice about Xerox DocuShare Flex is the intuitive user interface, which resembles popular file sharing apps to provide a seamless and easy-to-adapt-to user experience. The web-style design makes it easy for users on desktop or mobile to navigate this platform.

The software is also auditable and easy to integrate with company data. No matter how the organization runs, how many documents it deals with daily, or what the daily process schedule looks like, this CMS can help things run a little smoother.

When it comes to uploading company content, users can scan directly to the cloud. No more scanning documents to a standard hard drive then moving the drive’s contents to the cloud – this platform lets users skip a step and save a little time. What about document editing? The built-in editor allows individuals to annotate files, make changes, delete sections, and more.

There are also tools to help automate standard business processes. The filing of accounting invoices, the resolution of contracts, and even employee onboarding procedures can all be streamlined through this innovative CMS.

Don’t worry about how digitizing will affect organizational capabilities – the handy search function makes it easy to find what a user is looking for. It’s a lot easier than searching through file cabinets to find the right piece of paper, and it’s a great way to save space as well.

Newer updates to the platforminclude the Webforms add-on for creating custom electronic forms, a customizable accounts payable toolkit, and enhancements to assign individual tasks with specific priorities.

Finally, the platform can be integrated with standard business software products. Popular tools like QuickBooks online and Salesforce can be easily synced to create a holistic content management resource.

Xerox Innovations Can Make Any Workplace More Efficient

No matter the size of a business or the industry where they’re based, it is difficult to find a CMS that does it all. This is because every business is unique – and they need flexible solutions to deal with whatever they encounter.

Xerox DocuShare Flex makes it easy to handle the demands of a content-heavy organization with multiple regular processes to handle. This CMS is geared to do it all – from easy digitizing of documents to smart storage and seamless sharing, users can enjoy a wide variety of features.

One of the best parts of a system like this is that it frees up time and money for other aspects of the company. It allows organizations to better reach their potential, and to master content management. To get started with a flexible CMS for businesses of all sizes, contact Zeno Solutions today.


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