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The Advantages of Having Secure Printers & Copiers in Your Office

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Sep 20, 2018 10:00:00 AM

There are countless threats to the security of your businesses network and data. Workers often focus on computers and smartphones that they often overlook other important pieces of equipment that hackers could use to damage or steal your information: printers and copiers.

Much like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, printers and copiers are devices that communicate through your network. Obviously, this is very convenient because users can print from anywhere in the office using almost any network connected device. However, if printer or copier security is lacking then that convenience may come at a large cost.

How can businesses ensure that their network is secure while also ensuring that users do not experience unnecessary bottlenecks or complications as they try to use the equipment? In this article, we will examine network printer security best practices and the advantages of having secure printers and copiers in your office.B3 Sept

Network Printer Security Best Practices

Since a network printer or copier is another device on your network it should be treated much like you would treat a desktop computer or laptop. Printer and copier security are just as serious as the security of every other device using the network.

One of the most basic network printer security best practices is setting a strong password. The longer and more difficult a password is, the harder it is to crack. Using a strong password to log into the admin settings on a printer can greatly reduce the network printer security risk.

Limiting access to authorized users on the network is also a great way to prevent bad actors from abusing printer or copier security. Network printers can be made invisible to anyone other than authorized users on the network. If hackers are unable to discover the printer or copier in question it becomes incredibly hard for them to gain access through the device.

Finally, searching for and installing regular security updates for your device’s firmware are also strongly recommended. There is no perfect piece of hardware or software out there. Hackers will always look for security holes or bugs to exploit.

However, manufacturers often quickly address these issues with firmware updates. It is up to users to actually download and install these updates. Following these basic printer security best practices can go a long way in securing your network.

Save Money with Network Printers

Once you are confident in your network printer and copier security, you can fully begin to enjoy the benefits of having these devices connected and available from almost every other device using your network.

By implementing network printing and copying, your business can reduce costs by eliminating redundant equipment that could be costing you money. Once these devices are removed from your workplace, they will no longer require energy or maintenance.

More users can also make use of network printers and copiers which help reduce the need for additional devices. While these devices may not have been redundant previously, they may prove to be unnecessary once network printing is enabled. Instead of an entire department having their own devices, they can simply share one network device with the same results. Again, less maintenance is needed on one device when compared with several devices.

Better Tracking & Productivity

As the technology in the business world improves, it is apparent that more people are using mobile devices and working remotely. Some people do almost all of their work on a mobile device. However, these people still need access to printing and copying capabilities.

By having network printing and copying capabilities, mobile employees can send and receive documents without having to be physically present in the office. This allows them to do what they do best by having more time for clients, interacting with suppliers, and simply being more productive in their day to day work.

Another great productivity feature of networking printing and copying is the ability to track usage. Using tracking data, you can easily see which employees use the equipment most and, more importantly, discover if there are workflow problems that may be affecting productivity.

Enjoy Greater Security & Productivity with Managed Services

At Zeno Office Solutions we offer more than just print equipment. We are proud to work closely with our customers to create customized managed print services to meet their unique business needs. From ensuring network printer security best practices are implemented to providing mobile workflow solutions, our managed print services help business reduce waste and boost productivity.

Want to learn more about managed print services for your business? Contact the team at Zeno Office Solutions today!


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