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Does My Company Need an Office Workflow Assessment?

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Sep 25, 2018 10:00:00 AM

The business world is using more technology and becoming more connected than ever before. Yet, many businesses still suffer from workflow optimization issues. Paper continues to dominate despite the wide range of paperless solutions that can be put into place. Why is this?

Many offices have the technology in place to embrace new, more efficient office workflows, but there is often a disconnect when it comes to implementing these strategies. The result is that many offices continue to rely on outdated workflow practices and suffer the pitfalls of these behaviors.B4 Sept

Do You Feel Your Office Workflows Are Wasteful?

One of the main reasons people consider an office workflow assessment is because they have identified a part of their day to day work that seems wasteful, unnecessary, or redundant. Not only can these workflows be an inefficient use of time, they can cost money as they waste resources.

Paper printing is one of the most obvious examples of office waste. In fact, paper waste accounts for half of all office waste which can be a major drain on your bottom line. With so many digital solutions available, people understand that printing documents is often unnecessary. However, the office has yet to adopt a new workflow process that can reduce the need for printing.

A workflow assessment can identify areas where paper printing can be reduced or eliminated while providing solutions like managed print services that make sharing or collecting documents quick and simple. This is, of course, just one example of an inefficient office workflow that most people have likely experienced in their own work day.

Are You Concerned About Security?

Poor office workflows aren’t just inefficient, they can be a security risk for your business and your clients. Paper documents have their own obvious security risks. For starters, there is no password required to read a paper document. The information printed on the paper is available for anyone who picks up that piece of paper to read.

There is also the risk of paper documents being lost. In a best case scenario, these documents are lost and never seen again. This is obviously an annoyance and may require clients to sign additional documents. However, that scenario is preferable to the documents ending up in the hands of someone who could use the information in a way it was not intended.

Storage of paper files is another risk. Are you able to ensure that every filing cabinet, every desk drawer, and every filing room is correctly locked when not being used? Mistakes can happen and every single paper document is at risk of being part of a mistake.

Even poorly planned digital office workflows can pose a security risk. Emailing sensitive documents opens up the opportunity for those documents to be viewed by unintended parties. Once an email inbox is compromised, there is nothing stopping someone from viewing documents.

Even a mistake as simple as leaving a computer unattended could have serious consequences. An office workflow assessment can identify security risks and find solutions to ensure productivity and security are kept top of mind.

Do You Want Greater Office Mobility?

With laptops, tablets, and smartphones, it is easier for employees to be mobile and, in turn, more productive. However, poorly adapted office workflows can make some employees feel tethered to their desk. If you have a sales staff that needs to meet face-to-face with clients, this could seriously harm their ability to secure the next big contract.

There is also evidence that mobile employees feel happier in their jobs. Of course, happier employees are easier to retain and will produce better results. Implementing mobile workflows can increase productivity in two ways – by giving employees important tools and making them feel more empowered.

Of course, there are additional security considerations that come into play when employees work outside of the office. A workflow assessment will also mitigate those security risks when accounting for your more mobile, more productive workforce.

Improving Efficiency Begins with a Workflow Assessment

It is difficult to begin improving workflow efficiency without first identifying the areas where improvements need to be made. Some improvements may be obvious, but others may require the keen eye of an experienced professional.

At Zeno Office Solutions, we have helped businesses improve productivity, improve security, and reduce waste with our office workflow assessment services. Not only do we identify areas of issue, we provide solutions like managed print services and secure document storage that can be implemented to ensure your business operates at peak efficiency.

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