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How to Improve Business Efficiency with Technology

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Mar 20, 2019 2:48:05 PM

Organizations conducting business in this fast-moving digital age know that an effective team is a productive one. In order for organizations to stay abreast of their competition, they must learn to leverage the power of time — and team — efficiency to get more done in fewer hours.

Fortunately, technology has kept pace with digital innovation, and there are many ways companies can improve business efficiency through the addition of automated workflows. Automating repetitive processes not only reduces human error, but it frees up team members’ time to focus on more targeted, high-value tasks.

Let’s look at some of the ways technology can provide businesses with a competitive edge.B3 March Image

Boost Business Efficiency Using Automated Solutions

Automation is key for streamlining workflow and managing assets with greater effectiveness.

Not only can automating processes reduce employee overload, but it can help demystify the customer experience, organize internal and external documentation, and allow work to occur across all devices — from desktop to mobile.

Businesses can benefit from adding automation as a workforce attribute in an incredible number of ways. Here are three of the most impactful:

1.) Organize Critical Information and Streamline Retrieval

Most organizations process a huge amount of information, and paper-based documents can get lost, stolen, or even accidentally destroyed.

Digitizing this information allows companies to streamline distribution, tighten security, and call up needed documents with the press of a button. This reduces the amount of time team members have to spend actively organizing and managing information so that they can take care of more critical tasks.

Digitizing information also allows team members, departments, and offices to work upon, share, and manage documents from anywhere — even out of the office. When companies can accomplish work from any platform, the workforce — and organization at large — can become more agile and effective.

2.) Boost Security and Protect Sensitive Data

Data breaches and data security are serious considerations in today’s digital world. Using high-profile automation with top-notch security features, such as the Drivve software suite for enhanced print security, the Xerox Capture & Content Services, or Zeno Enterprise Content Management (ECM) keeps a firm handle on data protection.

All of these systems come complete with strong security measures such as encryption, malware detection, and access restriction to keep business data and other sensitive information safe from prying eyes.

A strong data-protection feature is necessary for risk-management purposes, as well as to prevent the inevitable slow-down of work that occurs when data is compromised.

3.) Enhance Relationships with Customers and Vendors

Not only can business solutions like ECM systems provide incredible document and process organization across workflows, reduce document and process redundancy, and allow team members access from anywhere at any time, they can also improve customer and vendor relationships.

A customized ECM system can allow departments to share information internally or even make certain documents available to suppliers and clients for their convenience. Having fast access to necessary information speeds the transaction process and results in a better overall experience for all parties.

Any of these choices — from complete content management systems to document management and print security — are designed to help businesses where it matters most, by increasing efficiency over time.

Add Automation to the Workplace for Impactful Results

Businesses that are ready to take their productivity — and revenue — to new heights must consider applying workflow automation at some level in order to compete in a crowded marketplace.

A customized automation application can provide a boost in efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness, regardless of company size. Business automation solutions should be backed by cutting-edge technology that is consistently upgraded as a critical component of an effective choice.

Fortunately, the options mentioned here are not only developed using state-of-the-art processes, but they are fully scalable and customizable. This means that both large and small organizations have the flexibility they need to implement this technology while staying focused on bottom-line requirements.

Contact Zeno Solutions right now to discover what type of business automation is right for your organization, and so you can start moving ahead of the competition today.


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