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Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Mar 21, 2017 4:34:04 PM

One of the main benefits of partnering with Zeno is the ability to find solutions that make your entire office more efficient and productive. If the idea of lower internal printing costs, faster project turnaround times, and increased print control & quality sound appealing, then Zeno is here to assist your company in taking a closer look at the wonders of today’s digital press capabilities.

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The Xerox Color 1000i Digital Press can take your company’s printing to a whole new level. 

This is not your average printer. The Xerox Color 1000i Press, just one of Zeno’s many office solutions, is a high-powered, innovative machine with the ability to take your business to the next level and your prints even further. Digitally mastered for fine-tuned image quality, the automated color management technology gives images a unique vibrancy and life-like quality that can’t be achieved elsewhere. Plus, with Specialty Dry Ink options including clear, silver, and gold, you can add metallic finishes to your prints and give them an extra boost of “the wow factor”.

To experience the wow factor for yourself, visit the Zeno Technology Expo on March 22 & 23 for a live demo.  

Efficiency Unleashed

In addition to improved quality, you can increase efficiency and cut costs in the process. Production time, press error, and maintenance fees are all reduced significantly, saving your business time and money. Here are just a few of the features that make every job that much easier:

  • Integrated Full Width Array: Automates tasks such as color correction to cut print time significantly and make the entire process seamless.
  • Automatic Density Uniformity Adjustment: Density Uniformity Adjustment is done to ensure even toner density across the page (“inboard to outboard”). This is particularly important for high area coverage applications where uniformity from edge to edge is more critical. Once this process is initiated, the press automatically prints density test patterns, measures inboard to outboard density values, and corrects for variations by adjusting print engine software controls.
  • Automatic Tone (TRC) Adjustment: Tone Adjustment is performed to ensure consistent color. The press prints CMYK test patches, scans them, and automatically corrects for density variations
  • Automatic Image to Media Alignment: This process helps to ensure correct positioning of the print image on the media and is important for calibrating new stock types. This is particularly useful when front-to-back registration is critical to a job. the press automatically prints test patterns, measures them, and makes automatic adjustments to registration, skew, perpendicularity and magnification

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Innovation For All

With so many unique capabilities, this printer offers something for every business.  Not just the design savvy, creative professionals or photographers with an eye for color quality. The Xerox Color 1000i Press offers customized features and versatility for every aspect of your business thanks to several different applications including:

  • General Office: Clean, crisp, and professional letterhead, business cards and presentations.
  • Packaging: A cost-effective, in-house solution to printing product labels and packaging.
  • Promotional: Increase printing quality for brochures, direct mail and other collateral. Special effects allow you to further elevate the level of all of your marketing materials.
  • Publishing: Professional quality printing for books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters and catalogues.

To experience the capabilities of the Xerox Color 1000i Press first-hand, visit the 2017 Zeno Technology Expo on March 22 and 23. You’ll also gain valuable insights into additional Xerox products.

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