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Gabi Voice Enables Voice Recognition from Your Xerox AltaLink Multifunction Printer

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Aug 14, 2018 11:00:00 AM

With similar functionality as Alexa or Siri, Xerox Gabi Voice turns any Xerox AltaLink multifunction device into an accessible, voice-activated work assistant  that can print, scan, copy, and transmit documents with ease and efficiency. This turns your AltaLink into a handsfree workstation in full compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Owners of AltaLink printers only need to purchase the Gabi SmartBox in order to use Gabi Voice. Compatibility is included with the latest Xerox software update, transmitted automatically through Xerox ConnectKey servers.B2 Aug_gabi

What is Xerox Gabi Voice and How Does it Work?

Gabi Voice, Xerox’s workplace assistant, is an intuitive voice command solution securely powered by IBM Watson. When you tell Gabi Voice to print a document and send it to a co-worker, the Gabi SmartBox captures the sound and sends it through a secure networking path to Watson, which then processes the data and responds with the appropriate AltaLink command. The relay is fast, with almost no perceptible delay.

For office employees, working with Gabi is simple. All you need to do is establish a wake-word that tells Gabi when to start listening. It immediately establishes its connection with Watson and awaits your command.

As of July 2018, Gabi currently only speaks English, although developers are working on support for additional languages.

Gabi Voice is compatible with a variety of configurations and settings for optimal workplace performance. You can adjust Gabi Voice in any of the following ways:

  • You can whitelist certain functions and only allow those functions to take place.
  • You can set Gabi Voice to encrypt all data and store none.
  • You can personalize your “wake-word.”
  • You can proactively apply security patches with its auto-updating feature.

Gabi does not record when not actively taking commands and offers comprehensive cybersecurity options ideal for the modern office.

Alexa vs Gabi vs Siri vs Cortana: What’s the Difference?

It's impossible not to draw a parallel line between Gabi and other notable voice-activated digital assistants.

Apple's Siri is the best-known of the major brands' offerings, and Amazon has the greatest reach into home consumers with its Echo products. Microsoft, meanwhile, is keen on continuing to develop Cortana.

While Gabi is a voice-activated digital assistant, it was purpose-built for enterprises to provide a powerful and cost-effective way to comply with Rehabilitation Act of 1973. IBM Watson, alongside Xerox's trademark efficiency and hardware quality, is what makes Gabi such a powerful tool in the office. It is also a more secure digital assistant – unlike Alexa and others, Gabi Voice commands are encrypted and never stored.

What Can Your Voice-Activated Printer Do for You?

Outside of compliance, voice-activated printing offers a number of attractive benefits to modern workplaces. Not only can employees save time by eliminating the need to look through manuals, icons, and menus, but executives can save on training costs as well.

Without commands to memorize, the process of learning to work with Gabi is a five-minute affair. All you need to do is establish the wake-word and prepare for fast, voice-activated document processing in natural language.

Accessibility, security features, and a high-quality natural language processing platform make Gabi Voice an optimal choice for compliance and efficiencies.


 Are you prepared for the next generation of voice activated printers in the office? Our team at Zeno Office Solutions can help you plan for effective deployment.


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