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Drivve Software: A Comprehensive Document Capture Solution

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Mar 13, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Any business that’s ready to optimize their workflows and get a firm handle on document management needs the versatility and functionality of Drivve.

With its incredibly easy interface, there’s no excuse not to leverage the power of this suite of software products to enhance your team’s ability to scan, index, archive, find, and search documents and images; print them from any device; and coordinate devices across departments, workforces, or locations.

With Drivve, businesses will have a fully-customizable, flexible set of feature-rich business automation tools to take their workflows to the next level of efficiency.B2 March Image

Drivve: The Next Level of Workflow Management

Whether there is a single-office operation with just a few employees or a multi-location business empire, Drivve software has a business automation solution that can help reduce those inefficiencies that get in the way of an optimized workflow.

If the business is document-intensive, managers and owners will appreciate the way Drivve can save time and money while increasing productivity and reducing risks.

Here are three of the main benefits savvy business owners can expect when using Drivve:

1.) A Boost in Productivity

By transforming workflows with Drivve digital solutions, paper documents will become easier to process, file, and distribute appropriately. Process owners will be able to create personalized workflows for individual or departments that will help team members find documents in mere seconds.

In addition, Drivve reduces errors associated with manual data entry and allows teams to automatically capture key business data, leaving more time to focus on critical functions.

And, Drivve can free up team members to take their work on-the-go, as workflows can be accessed and controlled from any device – even a smartphone or tablet.

2.) Effortless Usability

Drivve boasts an incredibly easy-to-use app for multifunctional devices (MFPs) with an interface for leading network scanners and other MFPs embedded right in the app. In fact, their Xerox integration has won a Most Innovative EIP Award for its cutting-edge ability to transform document management.

The Drivve suite of products allows for one-touch image capture and process structures which allow you to install, configure, and use the entire system in just hours rather than days or weeks like some other systems.

And, all features are easy to understand and access. The ease-of-use provides a fast return on investment after implementation.

3.) Increased Security

Data breaches are becoming more common, so it’s important to know that business data is protected — particularly if your business processes sensitive or proprietary data.

With Drivve, you can control access to workflows directly from MFPs for document-level security. The software supports digital rights management and makes it easy to comply with multiple regulations as well as internal corporate governance structures.

Documents entered into the Drivve system can’t be lost, so critical documents will always remain at the fingertips of team members when they need them.

Finally, Drivve offers an object-oriented database that’s nearly maintenance-free and is ultra-secure —one of the most significant ways that Drivve distinguishes itself from the rest of the document management software suites available.

As you can see from these feature-rich benefits, for businesses that want to intelligently categorize and retrieve documents over multiple complex workflows with a system that easily integrates with current infrastructure, Drivve is the answer.

Testing Drivve for Your Business

Business automation is the wave of the future, and Drivve makes it easy to get started.

In fact, Drivve is so committed to making it easy, that they’ve developed a Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) to provide customers with Xerox MFPs the additional benefit of a powerful turnkey document management system.

Take advantage of Drivve by integrating all printing systems with fast, effective, and powerful management of documents from any MFP. Get sharp document scans, barcode recognition, PDF-encryption and more for any device with user-friendly, customizable Drivve.

Want to know more about how easy it is to get started with this powerful software suite? Contact Zeno Solutions right now and discover how the award-winning power of Drivve can help give your business a competitive advantage.


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