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Can Enterprise Services Simplify Workflow for C-Level Executives?

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Jul 19, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Today’s leaders and C-level executives face an increasingly complex, highly competitive and uncertain business environment. Success requires the company stay focused on value-added activities that deliver measurable benefits.

To stay competitive and remain focused, many companies rely on enterprise services such as managed print services (MPS) and document management software. With programs and office services like these, C-level executives optimize enterprise workflow to better focus on high-value tasks and activities.


We’ll take a closer look at these activities to see how they can save C-level executives both time and money and increase overall efficiency. We’ll also look at how managed office solutions can provide additional soft savings that further increase your ROI.

Save Time & Money with Managed Print Services

Many companies don’t realize how much time and money is spent on printing. Managed print services, or MPS, is an enterprise service that analyzes printing needs to cut costs and increase overall efficiency. It looks at the workflows and hidden costs associated with printing.

With an analytics-based approach, this office service will study your business infrastructure, office security, mobile requirements, and office workflows. The service provider will forecast future needs and determine how printing tasks can be optimized.

Many companies discover they can eliminate unnecessary printing costs with a low-cost digital solution. They can maximize workflows or eliminate duplicate work by consolidating tasks and operations. The service can handle the time-consuming print tasks while improving print quality, letting your team focus on other work.

With more time to focus on value added-activities, overall performance improves. MPS and other smart office solutions will increase business security and improve overall efficiency while delivering a significant return on investment (ROI).

Increase Efficiency with Document Management Services

Do you know where your documents are? Do you know how your employees are accessing documents or retrieving information? Spend a little time reviewing your office workflow and you’ll find documents stored everywhere. Critical information is trapped in file drawers. Business data is hidden inside folders on the desktop of each employee. Your company may have critical data scribbled on a note in a desk.

Many times, there are inconsistencies between different versions of a document, which can lead to mistakes and inefficiencies that cost time and money. This is tribal knowledge, and it creates serious risks you can’t control. When an employee leaves or a paper is lost, that knowledge is gone. It’s a sign you don’t have control of your documents.

Document management services is an office solution that provides document control with an easily accessible digital repository for information. It creates revision-controlled master documents from any email or a scanned paper. This ensures employees access only the latest, most accurate information. Employees know where data should be stored, and how it can be retrieved.

Once a document is in the repository, it can be easily located and used from any connected device. Documents can be organized and then searched by multiple fields or methods. With document management, your employees are closer than ever to critical information, increasing efficiency across the company.

A document management system is a powerful office solution. Many businesses are shocked by how much money is saved with a document management system. Storing, filing, and managing paper-based documents are expensive and inefficient – and this doesn’t even take into account the rising costs of paper

Capitalize on Office and Enterprise Services

To compete in this increasingly complex business environment, your employees need to focus on delivering value to your customers and business. Shuffling paper and making copies are a low-value task that pulls your team away from more important activities. Enterprise services are a low-cost, high-value way to give your team more time and resources.

Office services such as document management systems and managed print services leverage and customize digital office solutions to your specific needs. They increase collaboration between employees by providing information when and where it’s needed. These enterprise services increase security and provide additional privacy protection by moving data off paper and into a more secure digital storage solution. Low-value work can be automated, eliminated or improved.

For business leaders and C-level executives, workflow can be simplified with MPS and a document management system. You and your employees will quickly discover they can focus on the higher priority tasks because redundant work is better managed or removed. Workflow enhancements will add time to every day. Over the course of a year, you’ll find yourself more productive with less effort. This can more than pay for the cost of the office service. Next time you’re looking at another training session for employees or a business consultant, consider an enterprise service instead.

Discover what enterprise services can do for your company? Contact Zeno Office Solutions and talk to an expert about how document management software can increase efficiency and lower costs for you.

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