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5 Features You Didn’t Know Xerox ConnectKey Offered

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Jul 25, 2018 11:07:49 AM

In an increasingly complex world, businesses are under pressure to constantly improve and succeed. To stay competitive, the company must adapt. Some business processes and workflows are naturally resistant to new ideas or tools. Employees will turn to what they know rather than change behavior.

Simply buying a new tool or software system isn’t enough. Sustainable change requires the right tool. That tool needs to synchronize with existing systems. It must create efficiencies that make employees more productive. It must deliver success with less effort.3

Multifunction devices enabled with Xerox ConnectKey can help with the print apps and the printer functionality which offices around the world have come to rely on. It then enhances standard printing, faxing and copying with the workflow apps and cloud and mobility-enabled functionality modern businesses require.

Rather than adding another printer, companies using ConnectKey introduce a workplace assistant to the office. It transforms employees into a high-performing, collaborative team. We’ll look at five features of the Xerox ConnectKey system that will enhance the productivity of any company and enable the digital business transformation modern companies need.

Xerox ConnectKey and the Workplace Assistant

A core benefit of Xerox ConnectKey is the flexibility of the system, including numerous features to improve work flow. Keep that in mind as you consider how your business will use ConnectKey. Key features that growing businesses want to know about are as follows:

1. Data and Device Security

Businesses are concerned about security, and Xerox ConnectKey can help with four levels of security that targets points of vulnerability in devices and system components. This security covers malware and outside attack, firmware verification to prevent malware, and protection of your data. It also delivers partnerships with security companies to maintain a safe working environment for your data.

With the synchronized security in place, you have comprehensive protection from both external attack and internal mistakes. ConnectKey creates a solid layer of security for any business.

2. User Experience and ConnectKey

Many businesses struggle to provide a consistent user experience across devices. This leads to specialization. It creates inefficiencies and risk for the company. When an employee leaves or a device fails, production will plummet.

Xerox ConnectKey devices provide a consistent workflow experience across the business, helping to eliminate specialization. Based on a flexible design that works like a smart phone, Learning ConnectKey is easy. New employees can quickly learn how to navigate and operate any ConnectKey device, improving performance and productivity across the company.

3. Mobile and Cloud-Enabled Connectivity with ConnectKey

Today, business is conducted not just in the office. The cloud-connected and mobile-ready ConnectKey supports the modern workforce. ConnectKey enables the mobile workforce with digital tools that keep employees connected and collaborating no matter where they are.

Your team can connect and manage work from a mobile device when they use Xerox ConnectKey. They’ll send, store and retrieve documents directly from the cloud, including Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Additional functionality is as close as print apps and workflow apps in the Xerox App Gallery.

4. Optimize Workflows with Managed Print Services

Managed print services analyze your current and future printing needs to optimize productivity. It turns your printing system into a competitive business advantage by integrating devices, workflow, people, processes, and support. ConnectKey syncs with managed print services to provide a comprehensive, integrated office solution. Companies using managed print services with ConnectKey save money, increase performance and efficiency, and automate office workflows.

5. Extend Functionality with Print Apps and Workflow Apps

Based on app functionality and an open architecture software platform, Xerox ConnectKey quickly becomes a workplace assistant. Users can customize the experience, placing critical apps on the home screen to streamline their workflow. Your team can download new apps to extend functionality. Look for new tools like document management, security, accounting, and automation. Workflow apps from the Xerox App marketplace can simplify work, eliminate errors, improve productivity, and manage tasks.

Need greater functionality? Create your own customized apps with the Xerox App Studio and Personalized App Builder (PAB). Since the apps are mobile, you’re connected to your workplace assistant from your smart phone.

Xerox ConnectKey and your Workplace Assistant

Businesses today need more than printer. They need an integrated device that supports where and how they operate.

Xerox ConnectKey delivers with app-based functionality and comprehensive security features. It’s designed from the ground up to be more than a printer. It becomes your workplace assistant, delivering powerful features and functionality with an ease of use the modern office worker needs.

Want to learn more or see how Xerox ConnectKey can improve performance at your business? Contact Zeno Office Solutions to learn more and request a ZOS 360 assessment.


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