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3 Xerox ConnectKey Apps for Business Automation

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Feb 20, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Even if a person is familiar with a certain process and has it down to a regular routine, it doesn’t mean they’re doing things in the most efficient way possible. Companies have plenty of tasks like this. As simple and straight-forward as they may be in many aspects, they’re still time-consuming.

When something consumes time in a business environment, it affects the bottom line. This is why business automation has become such a popular topic. Sure there are benefits to avoiding mundane, repetitive tasks just as there are benefits to saving time. But the biggest perk is freeing up company resources to put toward other ends.

Xerox Workplace Assistant apps offer plenty of helpful options for any business. Here’s a look at three separate apps and the benefits they can provide.B3

Business Automation Made Easy: 3 Xerox Connect Key Apps to Try

Automating critical business processes may seem like a big step. It is in the sense of the perks it can provide, but the implementation side of things is easier than most people think.

1.   Xerox ConnectKey App for Salesforce

For SMBs and the sales departments of enterprise locations, Salesforce remains a top tool across industries. The holistic and intuitive features it offers are great for making sales goals, developing new strategies, and minimizing loss across all sales objectives.

With about 64 percent of sales reps’ time spent on tasks unrelated to making actual sales, automating these supplementary tasks frees up a lot of time. To use the Xerox ConnectKey app for Salesforce, all a user needs is a Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled multifunction device.

By eliminating manual data entry, this app helps save time. It also makes organizing things much easier, allowing documents to be routed to appropriate folders in a digitized format. Easily access important client notes, document interactions, and navigate through multiple directories without worry.

Whether you want to upload documents or print them off, Xerox’s app makes it easy. Salesforce is a great tool, but users can get even more out of it with this app designed to function as a sales-based workplace assistant. It organizes, connects, and most importantly, streamlines sales documents and processes for a user’s convenience.

2.   Xerox ConnectKey App for Concur

Receipts are as common as any document in business environments. Keeping up with them all can be a complicated process, and there’s also the matter of compiling the data from them to create expense reports. It could take an hour to do just a few of these reports, which is more time than most people would like to spend on such a basic task.

With the Xerox ConnectKey app for Concur, users can connect to their ConnectKey Technology-enabled multifunction device and easily manage their receipts. It’s a great way to track expenses in a neat and organized fashion, without dealing with the mess (and potential disorganization) that paper clutter can bring.

Simply scan receipts into Concur, then create a claim to assign them to. The process is quick and simple, and makes it easy to manage expense claims without hassle. Managing documents, especially receipts, is critical to tracking expenses. The time-saving capabilities aren’t the only perk. Users can free up a lot of monetary resources since they’ll be able to focus their time on other more productive aspects of business.

3.  Xerox Forms Manager App

Some businesses still find themselves doing things the old way, even in an age where technology has simplified things. For some companies, they may not even know about the possibility of managing forms with Xerox workplace assistant apps. Others may be unsure about how to implement such a solution.

Xerox makes it easy. Using a multifunction device enabled with Xerox ConnectKey Technology, users can scan important forms and route them via intelligent QR codes. Sort paperwork into appropriate categories and send out emails to pre-defined recipients.

The ability to scan and print forms is something most office printers have, but the ability to route them intelligently changes the game in terms of document and form management. Departments with paperwork-heavy workflows can benefit greatly from this app. Working in the legal, healthcare, banking, or medical industries can leave users buried in paper – but Xerox’s business automation app for forms can help.

Business Automation with Apps for Nearly Every Situation

Companies have a lot to deal with in terms of document and content management. Sales records, receipts, contact forms – all of these documents are equally important in their own way. But they can all pile up quickly, too, meaning the possibility of digital organization can be extremely useful.

With the appropriate Xerox workplace app and a compatible printer, users can scan, store, and easily organize their important documents. To find out more about Xerox workplace assistant apps and how related technology can transform workplaces, contact Zeno Solutions today.


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