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Zeno Office Solutions President Featured in the Business Observer

Posted on Mar 23, 2016 12:06:34 PM

Zeno Office Solutions President Keith Roher discussed the past and future of Zeno Office Solutions in an interview with Business Observer.

Roher has been with Zeno Office Solutions since starting as VP of Sales in 2000, but his days as a salesman began long before that. He shared with Business Observer that at the beginning of his career he was told to “put this printer in your trunk and don’t come back until you sell it.”

Photo by Mark Wemple

Sell it he did, and he now leads Zeno, a unit of Xerox's Global Imaging Division that has $22 billion in annual sales. Zeno is growing around 10% each year, shares Roher. And while Zeno pioneers paperless solutions, managed print services continue to be a cornerstone of the business. Roher isn’t worried about the future of paper. “I’ve been hearing paperless for 23 years, but paper is still being printed,” he says.

The future of Zeno Office Solutions

With growth comes the need to hire more employees, and Roher has big plans for what that means for the company, including literally tearing down walls.

The company is moving to a new 42,000 square foot office and with it will come a more collaborative workplace. Cubicle walls will become shorter, glass partitions, executives offices will be more accessible to all, and there will be small breakout spaces for quick meetings.

With these efforts, Zeno hopes to attract millennials to their workforce, as part of the at least 30 new employees they will hire this year and next.

The changes go beyond a new space and design. Roher went directly to his employees to find out what kind of environment and culture best suited their productivity and satisfaction. With that, he’s created training and field experiences and a leadership development program.

The end goal is to make working at Zeno more than just a job, but to create a space where employees can build a career. “We don’t want this to be a place where it’s a stepping stone,” Roher shares.

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