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Xerox Iridesse: Top 3 Features You’ll Surely Love

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Feb 27, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Just because the digital age is here to stay, it doesn’t mean print media is dead. Prints have an important place in marketing and business in general. The only issue some companies have with prints is that their efforts don’t really stand out from the crowd.

Printing has become such a common service that it’s available in many places – and unfortunately, the saturation of options in the market means there is a lot of homogeny out there. Prints often look the same even if they’re purchased from different companies using different methods. But some printing options manage to stand out while offering holistic solutions.

Take Xerox Iridesse. This production press service offers a highly automated digital-production experience that combines high-quality images with top-of-the-line effects. Here are some of the main features users may want to explore with this handy Xerox service.B4

Color FLX Technology Adds More Flare to Prints

Production print services are often touted by their ability to make an eye-catching creation. And while there are many design elements that can impact the visual appeal of a print, color may be the most important of all.

If a print has a great combination of colors, it can stand out among other prints in a big way. It isn’t always just about the color choices, in terms of choosing hues that complement one another. In many cases, it is more about the quality of the individual colors themselves.

Xerox Iridesse utilizes award-winning Color FLX Technology, layering CMYK with up to two Specialty Dry Inks in a single pass. This allows for a more complex pallet while still retaining the integrity of the color scheme. Combine this with the four-color quality, and it allows for low gloss, high-quality prints that look consistent every time.

Unique Embellishment Effects Add That Extra Touch

Sometimes a print just needs one final feature to put it over the edge and really give it that professional look to grab a viewer’s attention. Xerox offers users the chance to embellish their print with creative effects.  Effects can be used individually, or together to create something new and exciting each time a user prints.

Standard images can be layered with various color effects, including underlays and overlays, to add more depth to images while enhancing the overall presentation. Vibrant visuals with great effects are a sure way to make any production print look unique. It can also help drive big results for businesses.

Robust production functionality makes it easy to print complex patterns and intricate designs, allowing for a total capacity of 400-sheets in compatible printers. That’s a fast and efficient way to print multiple designs in a short time period, allowing companies to save money and get the most out of their prints.

This press design is built to help companies harness their creativity, and enjoy all the benefits that come with premium prints. It’s a way to step outside the potential of commoditized printing services and open up a world of new possibilities.

FreeFlow Core Automation for Print Jobs

What’s better than a product that offers users the chance to get beautiful prints for whatever need they may have? A product that offers this level of quality while also giving users a chance to automate the process. It’s the best of both worlds – it helps users get greater quality in their prints, while also helping them save time by avoiding monotonous tasks related to print monitoring and setup.

The handy FreeFlow Corefeature offers many benefits, including modular architecture for four optional modules. These modules include Advanced Prepress, Advanced Automation, Output Management, and Variable Data Printing.

This solution is also browser-based, allowing users to enjoy a greatly simplified interface without much of a learning curve. They can also submit a list of jobs to be printed and enjoy the automatic processing to speed things up. Intelligent job batching allows for similar jobs to be streamlined and familiar formats to be used again as needed.

The JDF/JMF integration means users can enjoy a solution that integrates with other popular communication equipment. There’s even a cloud option that lets users enjoy advanced options on an annual subscription basis with great flexibility.

Transform the Printing Process with Xerox Iridesse

From the advanced image quality to the stunning array of design choices it offers, Xerox’s Iridesse has everything a user would need to produce great prints. Combine this with the high-end automation capabilities of FreeFlow, and users have all they need to transform the printing processes of their workplace.

The ability to transform these processes and streamline a lot of the complications allows users to enjoy more time to dedicate to other areas of the business. All the while, they can get advanced printing capabilities that help them stand out from the crowd. To find out more about the Xerox Iridesse and the solutions it offers, contact Zeno Solutions today.


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