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Xerox ConnectKey App Spotlight: Xerox Easy Translate Speaks the Language of Business

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Aug 7, 2018 10:30:00 AM

Multilingual documents are a common pain point for global enterprises, as effective translation depends on a fluency in language and culture.

Working in a multilingual environment requires fast and easy access to accurate translation services. Professional translators and interpreters help build the foundation for a successful international enterprise, but come with costs that can hold back growth.

Putting multilingual employees in key positions can improve office workflows in these environments, but may create other problems. Human resource managers who need to hire employees with multilingual skillsets may find themselves compromising on other business-critical skills in the process.B1 Aug_connectkey

The truth is that it's already hard enough to find qualified and trustworthy employees for many key positions within a company. Adding specific language needs can significantly narrow down the search in ways that may not always result in optimal value for the organization.

Xerox ConnectKey helps alleviate this problem by offering cloud-based software translation that can be used on any hardcopy document. In the office environment, where communication primarily happens through documents, this can present a key value to make translation processes run smoother.

On-Demand Translation with Xerox Easy Translate

Xerox Easy Translate takes the pain and guesswork out of translation by incorporating it directly into its existing ConnectKey-enabled capabilities. It allows Xerox Print Solutions owners to leverage more value out of their investment without requiring additional hardware purchases.

There is no shortage of digital translation solutions on the market. From freelance translators capitalizing on lifelong experiences as native speakers to sophisticated AI-based platforms, organizations have lots of options when it comes to translating digital documents.

But these efficiencies become obstacles when it comes to hardcopy documents. If you have a 300-page document that needs translating, you either have to physically deliver it to a translator, pay a data entry clerk to copy it digitally, or type it up yourself.

This presents obvious problems in busy office environments. The time, energy, and money that go into copying out a single hardcopy document of that size could be put to much better use.

Xerox Easy Translate uses optical character recognition to turn hardcopy documents into editable digital text and then sends the resulting document to a cloud-based AI translation server. When the translation is finished, the Xerox multifunction device simply prints out the finished, translated version.

 Xerox ConnectKey takes care of the server connection and ensures the entire process happens automatically. The ConnectKey platform allows users to select any output device in the fleet as the destination for the translated document.

Easy Translate supports more than 20 different file formats. These include common formats like Microsoft Office formats and PDFs to industry-specific formats not supported by many other translation solutions.

Available in the Xerox app gallery, deploying it is as easy as pushing a button. Xerox Easy Translate gives businesses the ability to automatically translate between 40 different languages, and there is no additional hardware element to install. This makes Xerox translation a perfectly scalable solution for growing businesses looking to expand into new markets.

Through Easy Translate and Xerox ConnectKey, employees based in your company headquarters can send automatically translated hardcopy documents to associated ConnectKey-enabled devices across the globe. Efficient, manageable growth beyond country borders is easier than ever, thanks to Xerox Easy Translate.

Xerox Offers Multiple Levels of Translation

Easy Translate users can select between four different types of translation. Each level offers higher quality translations, with corresponding increases in cost and time to translate.

  • Automatic, instant AI translation offered through Xerox's specialized server as developed by Software House.
  • Express translation offers an additional level of quality. A human translator verifies the machine-produced translation and edits it for accuracy and style, ensuring a better result with minimal wait time.
  • Professional translation is a two-step process. First, a trained native speaker translates the document into the destination language. Then, a dedicated editor goes through the document and corrects it for precision before sending it back to you.
  • Expert translation goes one step further, relying on the service of a subject matter expert capable of producing high-quality professional copy on complex subjects. This level of translation takes the most time, but it is necessary for deeply technical or challenging subjects.

Having this kind of functionality available through the Xerox App Gallery can turn difficult multilingual experiences into smooth, predictable business processes. Growth-minded business owners can rely on Xerox ConnectKey apps to provide scalable solutions to the most challenging problems in business.

Are you ready to incorporate automatic Xerox translation into your office workflow? Zeno can help you find the perfect solution.


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