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Zeno is Committed to Helping You Switch to Xerox & Here’s Why

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Jan 6, 2016 10:04:55 AM
Zeno_is_Committed_to_Helping_You_Make_the_Switch_to_Xerox_and_Heres_Why-1.pngCourtesy of Xerox Corporation

Today we are proud to exclusively provide Xerox products to our customers. If you’re new to the Zeno family, you may not be aware that Zeno wasn’t always a sole supplier of Xerox products. We previously also sold Ricoh and Canon machines, and our committed team was just as familiar with those brands as they are with Xerox.

So what happened, and what made us decide to go from providing multiple brands to just one?

It’s simple.

Xerox is the industry leader, the original, and the number one solution for our clients.

As one of the largest and most respected technology consulting firms in the country, we knew we could only provide the very best to our customers. Xerox has been the leader in the print technology industry for decades. It was a natural fit for Zeno to focus attention on the Xerox product line. Becoming a Xerox company allowed Zeno to expand services to customers that need intricate products, such as production print and managed print services.

So what exactly makes Xerox excel, and why do we put our trust in them? For one, no other product or competitor can guarantee that original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are used in their product. Xerox can. Secondly, Xerox offers a premium product, and the company provides a total satisfaction guarantee.

Concerned about security? You should be. Fortunately you may not have to think twice about it. Xerox products make it easy to keep documents secure – Xerox machines come with McAfee protection already loaded. 

Are you currently working with Ricoh or Canon products? We have good news. We’ve allocated funds to buy out existing Canon and Ricoh leases. This is how committed we are to providing you the very best office solutions in the form of the top products and software the industry has to offer.

Bring elite devices into your workspace. We’re ready to buyout your lease when you come to us for a Xerox product. Learn more.

We'll buyout your lease

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