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Why Xerox: Reputation, New Products, and American Design

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Apr 10, 2018 9:00:00 AM

When it comes to innovative document print technologies and intelligent work solutions, there is no name quite like Xerox.

The century-old, $18+ billion-dollar global company is so widespread that in many offices, the word Xerox is a catchall verb for copying, scanning, and a broad range of other document-related tasks.

B1 - Why Xerox

Since the 1960 release of the Xerox 914, Fortune magazine has called it "the most successful product ever marketed in America." Today, the brand has been synonymous with state of the art document-processing technology.

But in the 21st century, should small businesses and enterprises still entrust document processing needs to an established global company?

Wouldn't a small startup be able to offer lower rates, and more personalized service?

Not necessarily.

Today, Xerox offers industry-leading value that even the most ambitious newcomers to the document-processing sector have been unable to match. The combination of an unmatched  reputation, cutting-edge product technologies, and All-American design continues to give Xerox a stable platform for sustained success.

Why Rely on Xerox's Reputation?

Xerox has a reputation for innovation, for creating high quality products that simply work, and for doing business ethically.

In fact, the Ethisphere Institute has named Xerox as one of the world's most ethical companies every year since the institute's foundation in 2006. It is one of only 13 honorees to make the list so consistently.

The company's ethics and compliance program, corporate citizenship directives, and workplace culture have consistently placed it on the top of its field when it comes to ethical corporate behavior. The company's policy on human rights is one of the most comprehensive adopted by any Fortune 500 organization.

Importantly, this behavior isn't new – Xerox has been this way since the very beginning. You only have to look at the company's record of corporate philanthropy, or go back further to the original xerography process inventor Chester Carlton. In pre-Civil Rights Movement America, Carlton donated much of his fortune to the United Negro College Fund and historically black colleges.

Put simply, working with Xerox is a pleasure for everyone involved because the company is one you can trust.

Xerox Knows Cutting Edge Technology

Since the very beginning, Xerox has been a forward-thinking company. The company defines itself by the problems it seeks to solve, and consistently overcomes the biggest roadblocks to efficiency and operation in the business landscape.

Beyond the famous Xerox 914, the company's timeline shows surprising tendency towards innovation, industry disruption, and outright technological revolution.

  • It was a Xerox memo that first coined the term ethernet in 1973.
  • Xerox innovation produced the first Graphical User Interface (GUI), for one of the first commercially available personal computers, the Alto.
  • In 1982, the company operated the first Local Area Network (LAN) based on optical cable technology, now the standard for high-traffic Internet connection.
  • Severe Tire Damage, the first musical group to broadcast live video and audio on the Internet, did so at Xerox's Palo Alto facility, using the company's experimental Multicast Backbone technology in 1993.

You can see this penchant for innovation today, in Xerox's award-winning ConnectKey software platform. Released in 2016, the system turns multifunction printers into an all-in-one document-processing workplace assistant , capable of performing user-customized workflows and scanning documents to email, all while incorporating industry-leading network security protocols.

Today, the company operates its own independent Innovation Center, where it’s best and brightest put their minds to work solving some of the biggest and most intractable problems in modern business. By incorporating new advances in automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence, the company promises decades of innovation to come.

Global Products and Services, American Design

As one of the 50 largest US businesses, Xerox is one of the names in tech that inspires global confidence in American technology and engineering. The company has offices in 160 countries worldwide, bringing the uniquely American focus on robust engineering and efficiency to offices, enterprises, and governments across the globe.

Some of the greatest and most successful innovators in tech credit Xerox with providing inspiration for ideas that would change the world a few short decades thereafter. Xerox still invests in the most talented engineers in tech, giving them free rein to innovate and create groundbreaking technology to meet outstanding business needs.

Ready to make your company run on Xerox technology? Give us a call and ask our experts how the company's latest products can boost your bottom line.


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