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Xerox ConnectKey App Spotlight: Xerox Easy Translate Speaks the Language of Business

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Aug 7, 2018 10:30:00 AM

Multilingual documents are a common pain point for global enterprises, as effective translation depends on a fluency in language and culture.

Working in a multilingual environment requires fast and easy access to accurate translation services. Professional translators and interpreters help build the foundation for a successful international enterprise, but come with costs that can hold back growth.

Putting multilingual employees in key positions can improve office workflows in these environments, but may create other problems. Human resource managers who need to hire employees with multilingual skillsets may find themselves compromising on other business-critical skills in the process.

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5 Features You Didn’t Know Xerox ConnectKey Offered

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Jul 25, 2018 11:07:49 AM

In an increasingly complex world, businesses are under pressure to constantly improve and succeed. To stay competitive, the company must adapt. Some business processes and workflows are naturally resistant to new ideas or tools. Employees will turn to what they know rather than change behavior.

Simply buying a new tool or software system isn’t enough. Sustainable change requires the right tool. That tool needs to synchronize with existing systems. It must create efficiencies that make employees more productive. It must deliver success with less effort.

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Can Enterprise Services Simplify Workflow for C-Level Executives?

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Jul 19, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Today’s leaders and C-level executives face an increasingly complex, highly competitive and uncertain business environment. Success requires the company stay focused on value-added activities that deliver measurable benefits.

To stay competitive and remain focused, many companies rely on enterprise services such as managed print services (MPS) and document management software. With programs and office services like these, C-level executives optimize enterprise workflow to better focus on high-value tasks and activities.

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Topics: Docuphase, MPS, Print Technology, Digital Printing, Staff Productivity, Workflow Optimization

Patient Information Safety and Connectivity with Xerox Healthcare MFP

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on May 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a multi-function device that could securely exchange patient information in a HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, compliant manner both inside and outside of your network?

The Xerox Healthcare MFP Solution can do just that.

The Healthcare MFP Solution is a device which provides an affordable and efficient way to share patient data across the healthcare ecosystem securely while maintaining regulatory compliance. 

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Topics: Healthcare Technology, Staff Productivity, Workflow Optimization, Print Technology

ConnectKey App Spotlight – Xerox Mobile Link

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Apr 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Does your organization have an effective BYOD policy?

BYOD stands for Bring-Your-Own-Device, and it's a staple of the modern work environment. Nearly every employee of every business has a personal smartphone or a tablet computer and the vast majority use those devices for work purposes.

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Topics: MPS, Docuphase, Print Technology, Workflow Optimization, Staff Productivity

ConnectKey App Spotlight – CapturePoint

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Apr 3, 2018 9:30:00 AM

How much time does your company spend on data entry?

If your employees are still typing documents into spreadsheets and databases, the cost is too high.

One of the key highlights of the Xerox ConnectKey app environment is the ability to add optical character recognition (OCR) to document workflows. Until recently, organizations had to invest in expensive on-premises OCR solutions with attached scanners to achieve this level of automation. Now, every owner of a ConnectKey-enabled Xerox device has this technology at their fingertips.

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Topics: Docuphase, Print Technology, Staff Productivity, Workflow Optimization

End Users on New Xerox Products – UX Feedback

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Mar 27, 2018 9:30:00 AM

When designing a new product, where does the most useful feedback come from?

Design team members constantly refine their work and iterate their products in response to the feedback from technical teammates and stakeholders.

Technical teams are immersed in technology and back-end development. They have valuable input, but the question is – is this the best and most useful source of feedback?

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The Value of Company Culture: Align Your Career with a Company That Shares Your Values

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Mar 20, 2018 9:30:00 AM

Do you love your job?

While most people love parts of their jobs, or get excited about the opportunities their jobs provide, relatively few can truly say they love their jobs.

This is especially true in technology, which is surprising since most people outside of the tech world think the industry is a worker's utopia – and most tech companies invest significantly in   creating and maintaining that image.

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Topics: Careers, ZOS Culture, Staff Productivity, Xerox News

ConnectKey App Spotlight – Xerox Easy Translator

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Mar 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM

 How does your company deal with multilingual documents?

Until recently, enterprises that need multilingual documents have had to use one of two strategies -  outsourcing translation to freelancers and professional service firms, or hiring multilingual employees for key positions.

Both of these have benefits and drawbacks.

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Topics: Print Technology, Staff Productivity, Workflow Optimization

Four Major Benefits of ConnectKey Technology

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Feb 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM

 Today, upgrading your printer can do more than just decrease an individual device's cost per page.

The latest innovation to come from Xerox promises to improve office productivity, save precious hours managing unique workflows, and to give you full cloud capability for your entire printer fleet.

The technology that makes all this possible is Xerox ConnectKey.

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