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5 Ways Toner Optimizer Helps You Work Smarter

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Oct 6, 2015 11:14:24 AM

At Zeno, we believe in helping you implement environmentally conscious and earth-friendly solutions. We’ve helped thousands of customers reduce paper usage, saving time and money. We’re able to continue this trend by embracing the latest resources.

To help meet sustainability demands, Xerox recently introduced the Toner Optimizer tool.  Reduce your carbon footprint without compromising the quality or speed of your printed documents.



Here’s how the toner optimizer tool reduces your environmental impact.

1. Get the printing results you want.

This toner optimizer tool uses advanced algorithms to identify various elements on a page — such as text, images and graphics — to enable high-quality print jobs. This can drastically reduce the amount of toner used for print jobs.

2. Feel good about saving the environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that around 100 million toner cartridges end up landfills every year. The toner optimizer tool carefully identifies and removes unnecessary pixels from each print job. Reducing toner consumption and waste means less transportation and packaging of toner cartridges. You’ll feel better knowing you’re doing your part to help save the environment.

3. Understand what’s happening with your printer.

Get more insight into your print infrastructure. This includes directly connected USB devices, identifying and capturing information like job tracking details, paper and toner usage, and how many connected users and printed pages there are.

4. Make better, cost-efficient decisions.

When the toner optimizer is hard at work, it collects and reports job-related data. Manage your resources by making stronger, data-driven decisions based on what your individual needs are. You’ll quickly identify opportunities to save money in the future.

5. Integrate with IT and MPS environments.

Techniques that enable self-discovery and self-configuration allow the toner optimizer to effortlessly integrate into print environments. These can be easily adjusted to meet specific requirements within user applications or groups. In the meantime, a desktop software-enabled tool will run simultaneously and is invisible to end users. This means there’s no interruption to your existing business workflows or processes.

As part of Xerox’s three-phased approach to managed print services, this new solution is helping businesses worldwide optimize, secure, integrate, automate and simplify their everyday tasks. Our goal is to help you manage the demands of the job and use resources more effectively.

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