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Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Apr 25, 2017 1:10:34 PM

Here at Zeno, we live every day by the mantra “Think Globally, Act Locally”.  It’s a philosophy that allows us to provide extensive growth opportunities for all of our employees, made possible thanks to the commitment of our team. We also have the support of Xerox, an international corporation with vast resources and global name recognition. Our ability to practice this on a daily basis adds a tremendous amount of value to our customers, but it has also helped us build a corporate culture that supports employee growth in a fun environment where they can thrive.

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The global network and support we receive through our relationship with Xerox provides employees with growth and career opportunities all over the globe by offering access to an extended network of business professionals. You gain worldwide connections that can’t be found at a local level, while still having a tight-knit support system in your home office. This not only provides our employees with endless opportunities, but also makes it easier for them to help customers while achieving higher levels of personal growth within their position. Our sales team has endless resources at their fingertips to find the right solution for every client, meaning they get the added benefits of improved work efficiency, and an increased ability to build more meaningful consumer connections.


From the beginning, Zeno has focused on building a strong team and an even stronger culture to support them – and this vision didn’t change when we became a part of Xerox. If anything, it has only grown stronger.  Zeno’s regional offices mean you build more meaningful connections at every level. From your coworkers right up to our CEO, Keith Roher, everyone in the company is ready to help you on your journey to professional success. It’s just who we are. We’ve also developed Learning and Development Programs and community outreach days to help bring our team closer, and your career higher. And while we may have a global powerhouse backing our operations, all major business decisions are still made at the Zeno level; giving you the opportunity to be involved in the trajectory of the entire business.

If you’re interested in becoming one of the energized team members who help make Zeno greater every day, show us that initiative by exploring our job listings or visiting our Careers page.  


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