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The secret to saving money, optimizing workflow, and uncovering hidden business intelligence? Managed Print Services.

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Mar 31, 2017 9:03:17 AM

You may think you have a handle on your operating expenses, but do you know how much you’re really spending on printing? If you’re not using Zeno’s Managed Print Services (MPS), then odds are you’re spending up to 30% more annually than you should be. Here are just a few ways engaging Zeno Office Solutions to handle your managed print services can save you time, money and manpower.

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Five levels that can make a huge difference

At Zeno, we have found there are generally five levels within most organizations that provide insight into the systems and how they can be optimized. In each MPS engagement, we analyze these five areas to identify opportunities for improvement:

1.  Device 
We analyze your devices to determine how much you’re printing and what it’s costing your company, so you have a better sense of the total cost to manage those machines and what their environmental impact is. You may realize that some machines are being under-utilized, while others are being over-utilized.

2.  User
We determine how much particular teams or individuals are printing and what type of content is typically being printed in order to identify trends – like peaks or troughs in any given day, week, or month. We also educate your internal customer on the most effective printing practices and try to more completely understand the security implications of your company’s printing – this is especially important when dealing with confidential records.

3.  Document
We gain a better understanding of the role printed documents play in your business and identify the difference between “good paper” (essential printing) and “bad paper” (avoidable). We also identify paper-intensive processes that could be automated to reduce costs and avoid waste.

4.  Process
We seek to understand the steps in your business processes and how printed documents are involved in order to simplify and optimize. This also allows us to potentially identify opportunities for digital alternatives.

5.  Service
We look at how many devices you have, how much is being printed on those devices and how many work-halting incidents are occurring on those devices. We then provide a visual representation of how effective the MPS is and what your ROI should be.

It doesn’t stop there

Zeno continues to work with your team on an ongoing basis to co-author solutions that remove headaches and hassles. We integrate your existing infrastructure with our Managed Print Services to keep things moving smoothly. We also perform ongoing assessments to confirm that you’re always at peak efficiency.

Once our systems are in place, we implement workflow automation, along with insights and recommendations, to ensure all aspects of your document workflows are working for you, not against you. Zeno also utilizes industry-leading content management technology to streamline document-related workflows, across the country, or even across the world.

It all starts with a free 360-Degree Assessment

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about our approach to saving you time, money, frustration and security headaches. So it all starts with a commitment to undergo a thorough assessment. You can dive deeper into Zeno’s Managed Print Services here. Or request a free 360-Degree Assessment.

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