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Spend Less Time Managing Your Documents and More Time Managing Your Business

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Jan 24, 2018 9:30:00 AM
Whether your business caters directly to end-consumers or bridges the gap between other businesses and their clients, managing your documents takes skill, precision, and planning.

Developing and executing a successful plan take a great amount of energy, which usually translate to hours which could be better spent improving your core business processes.

Typically, small businesses begin with an ad hoc document management solution. Some files exist as physical copies in a drawer or cabinet, while others reside entirely on a hard drive. As the business grows, this approach becomes increasingly unwieldy as employees spend more and more time dealing with documents rather than clients, partners, and ultimately, growth.

This is when the implementation of document management software can truly make a difference in your business' ability to thrive. When growth interferes with keeping a well-managed collaborative workforce focused on your core business, streamlined solutions can improve efficiency and profitability.


Document Management Software Encourages Collaboration

One of the crucial differences between small businesses and mid-sized or enterprise-level businesses is the degree of collaboration expected of employees. In a small business environment, employees may have to wear multiple hats when it comes to achieving business objectives. However, in larger operations, there are dedicated teams and departments for achieving every small step of the greater objective and vision.

Keeping all of the departments and the individual team members up-to-date on various projects is critically important. Collaboration can no longer be left to each team as an ad hoc affair – it must be structured for efficiency.

Chances are, that in its beginning stages, your business used some form of collaboration application to streamline high-level processes and decision making. Document management, such as Xerox Connect Key, allows for the same degree of collaboration between entry-level employees and management.

One way it can do this is through automatic scanning and database entry. We have implemented countless solutions for managing documents for collaboration with success. The key is developing a customer-specific solution that allows for quick and efficient document access.

Document management software lets businesses centralize their database and offer all employees the appropriate level of access instantly. Rather than spending time, energy, and money assessing whether individual employees should or should not have access to a particular document, access rules are built-in so scanned documents are automatically made accessible to the employees and appropriate supervisors.

Managing Your Documents for Workflow and Security

There are benefits to automatically managing your documents beyond simply streamlining interdepartmental collaboration. You can also improve your organization's ability to implement efficient, secure workflows.

  • Document management experts can design solutions for mobile access for employees on the move. This can be of enormous utility for businesses that require teams to travel and still have access to up-to-date documentation.
  • Built-in security protocols can ensure that sensitive documents remain accessible only by those with privileged access, such as supervisors and administrators. Furthermore, access privileges can be adjusted on a one-time basis without sacrificing the efficacy of the system. You don't need to give an employee the keys to the entire safe deposit box – just the document and information needed at that one specific event.
  • Document management automation ensures that employees no longer need to search for missing or lost documents. A central repository ensures that all documents are accessible so long as they are scanned into the system and backed up.

The most sophisticated technology for managing your documents in this way is Xerox ConnectKey. It allows for digitally streamlined workflows, cloud printing on any office device, and built-in disaster recovery.

How to Implement a Document Management Solution

Many executive decision-makers and workplace administrators are hesitant to implement sweeping changes to document management for fear that productivity will suffer.  We’ve all heard stories about data loss during transitions; however, the majority of all implementations are without complication. The risk of data loss during implementation can be mitigated using various, redundant back-up processes.

The best way to ensure that your company enjoys stable and progressive growth through effective document management is by partnering with a reputable team to design and build the solution based on your company’s current and future needs. This process begins with an assessment conducted by one of the specialists at Zeno Office Solutions. Our team will utilize the ZOS 360 Assessment which runs securely on your servers and provides us with the data we need to create a completely customized document management solution for your business.

Request a ZOS 360 Assessment from Zeno Office Solutions today and find out exactly how much your office inefficiencies are costing you – and how much a customized solution will save you per year.

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