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Simplified Sharing of Protected Health Information (PHI) in Healthcare

Posted on Jan 26, 2017 11:54:23 AM

When it comes to healthcare, you want state-of-the art, innovative technology that allows you to provide optimal care in every aspect of your organization. This includes having access to top-of-the-line office solutions, so you can streamline your operations and get back to what really matters: caring for your patients.

Protected Health Information

The Xerox® Healthcare Multifunction Printer Solution changes the way you share patient information, allowing you to skip the hassle of traditional methods. Instead of going through the entire process of printing, copying, faxing and scanning, you can securely share on-demand with the assistance of Healthcare MFP. The current process is lengthy and tedious, and can make a time-sensitive task take far longer than necessary. But Xerox Healthcare MFP saves you the trouble by putting a world of interconnected healthcare at your fingertips, so the process is seamless and integrated—keeping your organization running smoothly.

The technology is secure, HIPAA-compliant, and EMR-compatible, yet still manages to cut the whole process down to a couple of clicks. Now it’s as easy as set-up, sign-up and share.

Set Up

Install the Share Patient Information app on your Xerox ConnectKey device. This is the official Healthcare MFP app, and can be installed directly from the Xerox App Gallery.

Sign Up

Register for an account with Kno2, a cloud-based community that puts you in touch with the largest and most secure healthcare network in the United States.


From here on out, sharing patient information is as simple as sending a fax or email. The process is completely optimized so all you have to do is put your document in the feeder, select a provider on the app, and press “Share Patient Information”.  

Now you can spend less time focused on technology, and more time focused on your patients.

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