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Set the Page Free – A Xerox Initiative to Tell the Ultimate Story of the Modern Workplace

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Mar 13, 2018 9:30:00 AM

How hard does creative work have to be?

Xerox's special project, Set the Page Free, is the culmination of Xerox's commitment to forward-thinking process development and the exchange of ideas. This project encapsulates all of Xerox's most important technologies in a single creative act, the creation and publishing of the free eBook Speaking of Work, featuring the talents of 14 world-famous creators.B4.jpg

These creators span the world of literature, from Alain Mabanckou (Black Moses, Broken Glass) to Joyce Carol Oates (Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been, We Were the Mulvaneys) and singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton (Solid State, Smoking Monkey), and were united through their use of Xerox technology to produce Speaking of Work.

For most of human history, the process of creating anything was one fraught with difficulties. From the Ancient Era to the Industrial Revolution, critical elements like communication, security, and effective organization were the primary obstacles to true creativity.

There is a good reason for this. Literacy, as a discipline, only went through a handful of changes in this period, and not all of these changes were strictly universal. First, ancient writing was the exclusive task of trained scribes. Later, the printing press made mass production of literature possible. Later still, the typewriter hugely increased the speed at which writers could produce written material, and Xerox's own 914 made the dissemination of printed material faster than ever.

All of these developments served to encourage the flow of ideas – the foundation and purpose of literature itself. However, it was not until now, in the age of the Internet, that a method for encouraging the collaborative creation of ideas has finally been realized.

Xerox Collaborative Technology in Action

No less than eight individual Xerox technologies were utilized in the creation of Speaking of Work.

  • Xerox ConnectKey. Xerox ConnectKey helped each of these authors participate in the project by providing them with a stable, useful framework for remote collaboration. ConnectKey-enabled devices allow for remote printing from anywhere in the world.
  • Print Authentication. When committing a page of creative work to print from halfway across the world, authors want to be sure it gets in the right hands. Xerox multifunction devices offer benchmark security, including encryption and print authentication.
  • Print by Xerox App. The Print by Xerox app is a mobile management solution that allows users to print and scan documents directly from their phones. Print by Xerox offers free, secure printing from any email-enabled device, from desktop computers to iOS and Android phones.
  • Xerox DocuShare Flex. DocuShare Flex makes collaborating on new content easy. It is a cloud management system that offers unparalleled accessibility from anywhere on the planet.
  • Xerox Print and Scan for Google Drive App. Some collaborators prefer to use Google Drive. If your existing workflow relies on this platform, your multifunction device should accommodate it as well. Xerox ConnectKey-enabled devices integrate easily with Google Drive through this app.
  • Voice Recognition Technology. Xerox voice recognition technology improves the collaborative process by eliminating the need to type out email addresses for fast, simple communication. Sharing something with the team is achievable with a simple statement.
  • Xerox Print and Scan for Dropbox App. Not everyone uses Google Drive. Xerox ConnectKey is compatible with all major cloud storage and productivity platforms, including Dropbox. This makes it a truly universal document workflow solution.
  • Xerox Easy Translator. How do you foster a collaborative work environment between authors who write in English, Spanish, and French? Valeria Luiselli wrote her most famous stories in Spanish, while Alain Mabanckou's first languages were Bembé, Laari, and Lingala, and his novels are written in French. Xerox translation lets these individuals collaborate with one another in the language of their choice.

Enabling Digital Reading in the Developing World

Set the Page Free is the result of a partnership between Xerox and Worldreader, a global organization dedicated to increasing literacy worldwide. By using low-cost Xerox technology and bringing culturally relevant books to the individuals who need them most, Worldreader is solving the problem of world illiteracy one individual at a time.

In tandem with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Worldreader has more than 40,000 individual book titles available, and serves a global community of more than half a million readers. Since the organization began its mission in 2010, it has reached more than 7.5 million individuals, providing books, e-readers, and reading apps to people in areas that are struggling with literacy.

Do you want to set the page free and inspire on-the-go creativity in your workplace? Speak with a specialist about your needs and find out how Xerox technology can help.

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