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Which Production Print Innovations Did Xerox Have at Print 18?

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Oct 31, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Print 18 was the latest annual installment of the popular imaging convention where manufacturers and creators come together to share and exchange ideas. For over 50 years, this event has been an opportunity to see and experience the latest innovations in the print and design industries. With over 80 education sessions, displays from the top manufacturers, and presentations featuring the latest innovations and technologies, Print 18 was the event to attend for industry professionals.

At such a popular, well-attended event, it is not uncommon to see manufacturers bring their top product and technology offerings to share with attendees. Xerox, being a leader in the industry, is one manufacturer that attendees can count on to bring their A game.

At Print 18, Xerox wowed visitors to their display on the convention floor as they showed off new Xerox innovations and technology to help production print professionals deliver their best work ever. Here are some of what Xerox brought to Print 18 that captured our attention.B1 - Nov

Red Hot Award-Winning Technology

As Print 18 kicked off, awards for the most impressive technologies and innovations were announced. Xerox stole the show by collecting seven awards for the innovations people would soon be able to see for themselves on the convention floor.

Xerox proudly accepted these seven awards and reiterated their mission to help print providers deliver exceptional services and products to their customers. The special recognition that comes from the Print 18 Red Hot Technology Awards is further affirmation that Xerox is continuing to develop some of the most impressive production print technology available today.

Xerox Iridesse Production Press

One of the most impressive Xerox innovations shown at Print 18 was the award-winning Xerox Iridesse Production Press. This Xerox production press captured the attention of attendees and judges by implementing some new innovations that promise to help production print businesses deliver higher-quality, more customized products to their clients.

Perhaps the most exciting innovation for print businesses is the introduction of the Color FLX Technology. This is one of those Xerox innovations that can be seen clearly in the final product that is presented to customers. Using a unique toner configuration, users can print with specialty dry inks that add new color options. For example, the Xerox Iridesse Production Press can utilize gold, silver, or clear inks that add more flexibility as they bring designs to life.

New Innovations for the Xerox Versant

While Xerox Iridesse Production Press may have captured the imagination of many attendees, there was plenty to see beyond the latest flagship Xerox production press. Some new features packed into the Xerox Versant line of digital presses showed off the Xerox innovations that focus on automation and convenience.

The ultra HD resolution of the Xerox Versant line will provide the eye-popping results, but there are several other convenience features that will surely be appreciated by print production businesses. For example, the finishing options available on the Xerox Versant line, as well as other products, streamline workflows to create fully finished booklets and other printed products. This means less time manually folding and finishing, more time focusing on your business.

Industry-Leading Production Printing

Of course, no Xerox display would be complete without production printing that is the envy of the industry. This is the Xerox iGen 5 Press. For productivity, automation, and quality in large scale production printing businesses, there is no better choice than the Xerox iGen 5Press.

Like other Xerox products shown at Print 18, the Xerox iGen 5 Press packs in a ton of innovations and new technologies that will help businesses deliver the best quality printing in a competitive environment. The FreeFlow Output Manager makes managing print production easier than ever and effectively helps businesses increase their production capacity. With centralized control, production printing is more streamlined than ever before.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics allows for the imposing of professional layouts in one step. This means that less time is spent preparing production, and more time completing top-quality work.

Seven Awards, Endless Xerox Innovations

Xerox is a leader in the production print industry. There are no companies delivering new technologies that have the power to truly affect the entire printing industry quite like Xerox.

If you are looking to upgrade to a Xerox production press or you just want to learn more about the latest Xerox innovations, contact our expert product advisors who can help you learn more about the perfect production press for your needs.


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