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Practice change — now that's a concept!

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Jan 26, 2015 9:00:00 AM


We all know that change is hard. It's true in our personal lives and it's certainly true in business. Once we get accustomed to a certain way of life, getting out of that routine can be challenging.

However, in a world where change is happening at an ever-increasing rate, our ability to be agile, move and transform is more important than ever.

It's pretty obvious - but we can all feel the effects that this hyper world of increasing technology change is having - both good and bad. What perhaps is not so obvious is the notion that if we don’t practice transformation and process how to become a better change agent, then why should we expect to be any good at it?

It's time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Practice being an agent of change! Tweet: It's time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Practice being an agent of change!

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the best ways to drive business and personal transformation is to practice, practice, practice. In your personal life, it could mean growing a beard, going on vacation or changing your gym routine. In your business life, it could anything - like conducting new training sessions, brainstorming new processes or making your office a better place to be.

The idea is to make "change" part of what you stand for as an organization, like any other quality or trait. Tweet: The idea is to make  

Start by asking what things that we could experiment with to gain a new perspective and force us out of our comfort zone. There is opportunity along the uncharted paths (or, don't be afraid to veer off once in a while).  It takes guts to up your business game.

They don’t have to be big, complicated things you can’t afford to risk - just things that will start to make the process of change feel as comfortable as not changing - and standing still.

Don't be afraid of change!

Effectively managing the workplace within means not fearing or resisting change and challenges, but empowering management and employees with the necessary skills to effectively manage life changes. Strategically preparing managers and employees catalyzes better organizational performance – regardless what changes you might face.

Let us help to get you on the right track.

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