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Patient Information Safety and Connectivity with Xerox Healthcare MFP

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on May 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a multi-function device that could securely exchange patient information in a HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, compliant manner both inside and outside of your network?

The Xerox Healthcare MFP Solution can do just that.

The Healthcare MFP Solution is a device which provides an affordable and efficient way to share patient data across the healthcare ecosystem securely while maintaining regulatory compliance. B1 - Personal-Safety-and-Connectivity-with-Healthcare-MFP

This multi-function printer has been specially designed for smaller providers in the healthcare industry with a single goal in mind – to help healthcare professionals conquer some of the most difficult challenges they face.

Some of these include the need to comply with strict regulations like HIPAA, to access to various healthcare networks, and to meet increasingly high standards of security.

Benefits Associated with Use of the Xerox Healthcare MFP Solution

By now, you can start to imagine the immense benefits Healthcare MFP can provide small and mid-size companies in the healthcare industry. 

The benefits of using this multi-function printer within the healthcare community are almost too numerous to list. Among them are secure communication methods, identity verification, built-in regulatory compliance, and the ability to digitize paper documents. These features function together to improve coordination of care and lead to better patient outcomes.

ConnectKey Feature for Increase Productivity

The Healthcare MFP has been equipped with ConnectKey, a workplace assistant with a tablet-like interface. ConnectKey comes with ready-to-use apps that can quickly, confidentially and efficiently perform processes that were once paper-dependent. The intuitive, user-friendly interface enables healthcare professionals to quickly adapt and use without requiring any additional training or education.

Efficiency and Security

The cloud-based solution known as Kno2 provided by Xerox allows for efficient exchange of documents throughout the entire healthcare industry. Providers of all kinds can exchange patient documents in any format through secure channels from any source. Kno2 cloud service lets providers send patient information to other organizations across the country.

The Xerox Healthcare MFP solution is integrated with Surescripts. Renowned for being the country’s most secure healthcare information network, Surescripts works in conjunction with Equifax credit reporting services for identity verification.

With this multi-function printer, you can send patient information in a secure manner using a HIPAA-compliant clinical document exchange workflow. Transforming paper documents into content that has multiple functions has never been easier.

Multi-Function Printing

A Healthcare MFP can do more than the standard fax, copy, print, and scan functions that you expect from a multi-function device, including:

  • Share patient information efficiently and securely using an application designed specifically for this purpose called Share Patient Information.
  • Exchange data in a secure manner, including sending direct messages using Surescripts.
  • Turn paper into structured, relevant documents that can be used as clinical documentation in an instant.
  • Transmit paper in electronic format directly.

Efficient Exchange of Patient Data

Using the Share Patient Information app is a far more efficient method of exchanging patient data than the traditional methods of mailing, faxing, and manually inputting patient information.

Those in the healthcare industry who use the Healthcare MFP only have to scan documents, choose the address of another provider out of the national directory, and click send. This method comes with the added benefit of producing an Electronic Medical Record and eliminating the need to create an additional copy of sensitive healthcare information that could risk violating HIPAA laws.

The Healthcare MFP gives healthcare providers the ability to comply with regulations, share documents accurately and securely with multiple providers, and increase efficiency. Caregivers also get the ability to focus time that would have been devoted to paperwork elsewhere – like helping their patients.

The Healthcare MFP Helps Providers, Patients, and the Public

In short, the Healthcare MFP makes life easier and more efficient for smaller healthcare providers and their associates. Relieving caregivers some of the burdens associated with traditional paperwork, they are free to focus their time in other, more important areas, like spending time with the patients whom they took an oath to serve.

By providing secure channels for transfer of documentation while also ensuring compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, the public can rest assured their important health information will not be exposed. In an era of increasing cyber-attacks, this technology has never been more beneficial. The Healthcare MFP is designed to manage information quickly, accurately and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

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