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Can a healthcare office go paperless?

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Mar 30, 2015 3:15:00 PM


With paperless technology rapidly advancing the healthcare landscape, the trend to kick the physical file to the curb is ramping up. Tweet me!

It's a digital world

Even though healthcare offices may never be entirely paper-free due to certain legal guidelines, it’s now easier than ever to transition your healthcare center into an almost-paperless workplace.

The benefits are numerous. With a paperless healthcare office, you can easily access patient records, add or edit notes directly in a patient’s electronic record, and keep track of each employee’s digital fingerprint each time they access or modify a record.

While this may seem like an overwhelming transition, we’re offering a few guidelines to help jump-start the process.

Get everyone onboard

First, you’ll need to hold a meeting with all employees who would be affected by this change. You’ll want to thoroughly explain your plan for the transition as well as make sure all employees are on board for the change. Be sure to field any and all questions in order to help clear up any confusion or hesitation.

Having a training plan in place is another great way to alleviate employee apprehension. Make sure you let your employees know they will be brought up to speed during the transition through paid training.

Some may jump ship

Keep in mind that for those who never jumped on the technology train in the first place, this change may seem too overwhelming for them. It is very possibe one or two of your more seasoned employees will choose this time to retire. While this is never easy, new-hires emerging from today’s tech-savvy job pool will be eager to learn new software and protocols.

Create project leaders

After obtaining employee-approval, you should determine a few project leaders to help drive the charge. One critical position is a Digital Project Supervisor. Another position you’ll need is an IT Lead. These two individuals should be able to work well together in order to develop a plan for the transition.

Map your route

Developing a transition plan is your next best step. Make sure to share this plan with everyone affected by the change as transparency and clear steps are crucial to a smooth transition.

Once you have your plan, pick one department to start with. During this time, the Digital Project Specialist and IT lead will take all the necessary steps to transition this section of the office to near-paperless. This will be a great time to take notes on improving the process as you move forward.

Keep going 

After you’ve successfully transitioned one department, continue throughout the office gradually until you’re near-paperless.

This method of employee buy-in, paid employee training, full transparency and clear planning will help to keep your conversion as smooth as possible and will eventually lead to a more efficient and productive office.

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