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Looking to eliminate tedious tasks within your daily workflow? Bring in the bots.

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on May 18, 2017 1:18:11 PM

Robotic Accounting Automation (RAA) is a specialized form of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a program that uses bots to automate processes and eliminate time spent on menial tasks such as data entry or sending reminder emails. RAA takes this a step further by providing document management, integrated forms, advanced workflow, and approval automation that adheres to established business rules.


This allows accounting departments to automate payments, so they can avoid late fees and take advantage of early payment discounts. Resulting in better customer service, timely payments, and money saved. Basically, it turns your existing computer into a reliable super-computer that eliminates mundane tasks and makes accounting a breeze.

Help your accounting department manage documents like a pro with Zeno Office Solutions’ Docuphase.

The Docuphase platform seamlessly integrates four core applications in order to simplify your accounting processes. These applications include document management, workflow automation, web forms, and capture recognition, and they all work hand-in-hand to make your business a well-oiled machine.

Document Management

It’s so much more than a filing system. Document management increases the security of your documents, offers powerful integration technology, and allows for version control and full annotations as well as basic analytics.

Workflow Automation

These bots keep everything moving right along in your business. The workflow automation systems in Docuphase offer native integration without scripting, a workflow management dashboard that acts as your personal control panel, dynamic resource allocation management, automated email notifications, and advanced work queue search. And if that’s not enough, it also has a powerful specialized bot builder that can get you the right bot for any job.

Web Forms

Nothing can slow a process down like waiting for a signature. These fully integrated smart web forms speed up the process with live responsive forms, the ability to input a web signature, and automated PDF creation. The form can be built to adhere to your business’ rules and can be integrated with all core applications.

Capture Recognition

Advanced data capture and extraction can save employees hours of time sifting through endless data, which ultimately saves you a good chunk of change. Docuphase offers on-the-go mobile capture, automated indexing, and barcode indexing, and allows you to capture data straight from Microsoft Suite.

What all this really means for your business.

How can implementing this technology actually help your business? Well, it has the ability to reduce your AP costs by a whopping 50%.

There are other RAA options out there, but Docuphase is both simpler and faster than any other platform on the market, plus it can be fully integrated into your existing technology. The platform is adaptable to all departments and quality & compliance aren’t just assured, they’re guaranteed.  

Contact your Zeno representative today to get Docuphase implemented into your business and get started on big-time cost savings.


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