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In-House Printing vs. Outsourced Printing

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Aug 28, 2015 4:13:00 PM

Thanks to modern print technology, businesses can print and produce large volumes of high-quality material right in the office. Cost-effective in-house print solutions are available that were once only found in professional print facilities.

Investing in print technology doesn’t mean compromising quality. In fact, many commercial print shops use the same machines available to large businesses. 


Here are five benefits of using in-house printing rather than outsourcing.

1. See a difference in quality

On a visceral level, we’re influenced by appearance. Image becomes impression, perception, and predisposition. So regardless if it’s your storefront, the way you present yourself in-person or your website — image matters.

Today’s convenience desktop and floor-standing printers are capable of quality that rivals traditional printing presses. With the ability to print on a wide variety of paper types and sizes, you have a feasible in-house solution.

2. Control your printing priorities

When you’ve got a fast-approaching deadline, in-house printing gives you the ability to respond to last-minute changes faster and quicken overall turnaround times. You’re able to eliminate time spent catching up with account representatives or making changes to production.

With outsourcing, there are restrictions when working with contractors. They lose the ability to directly manage and instruct the workforce. It's difficult for a service provider to fulfill all needs of the client — like staff flexibility or availability. The client and contractor may have different approaches and management styles, leading to possible conflict. 

3. Decrease cost per print

When you print digitally, this erases the need for setup fees. What type of printer you use also matters but it’s more cost-effective to print in-house for small quantities, rather than outsourcing.

Additionally, outsourcing hiring costs are the contractor's responsibility. An outsourced contractor also has to deal with financial liabilities associated with workers. 

4. Be your own boss

Printing in-house means you’re taking technology into your own hands and getting a totally custom service. You can embellish and add custom effects your flyers. With many print companies, these are usually additional charges. By printing in-house, you can ensure you’re getting a premium service you can control.

If a client completely outsources, personnel grievances, disciplinary issues and actions become the responsibility of the contractor — and are therefore out of your control. 

5. Feel at ease with top-notch security

Data breaches have become increasingly common. Understandably, this has made information security a hot topic for organizations everywhere — regardless of industry or function. Security is an important factor across all of an organization's technology and operations, and production printing is no exception.

If an organization outsources production printing, they have to pay especially close attention to a variety of things:

  • what kinds of data is being printed,
  • how that data is transferred to the outsourced printer, and
  • how the outsourced printer handles, uses, and stores the data once it’s received.

Professional services industries — including finance and law — are paying attention. They’ve started moving towards in-house production printing as a result, particularly for jobs containing private or sensitive data. Some documents are more confidential than others and in-house printing eliminates many security gaps and concerns from the beginning.

Digital printers may also offer unique security safeguards such as disk image overwrite and requiring a PIN to release a job for printing.

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