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Improve Manufacturing Process with Automated Workflows

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Jun 26, 2015 9:24:00 AM

Everyone wants to save time and money. Improving processes can be complex and initially time-consuming, but it’s the key to success in the manufacturing industry.  

You don’t have to make it up as you go. Rely on solutions that are already streamlining the manufacturing industry. Electronic work instruction and automated workflows give manufacturers the power to improve processes across the board.


Automated workflows make consistency simple

In order to understand automated workflows and how efficient they can be, think about what a manufacturing company may look like without it. Picture instructions taped to a wall or a crowded shelf of instructional booklets.  Every time a process changes, those papers need to be updated manually.

Consistency and clear communication are paramount to any successful business. In a manufacturing company, these ideals may be difficult to achieve on a busy floor or across different geographies.

It’s time to get rid of processes on paper and experience the effortless workflows of digital automationHere are the benefits of improving the manufacturing process with automated workflows.

Less Downtime

Engineering change orders are done faster with electronic routing and delivery. These processes can also improve other business impacting actions — like the amount of time it takes to respond to a maintenance request.

Stronger Communication

It’s not easy to share a paper booklet in Florida with an operation in Hong Kong or even a few floors over. Language barriers can become complicated and result in mixed messages. A centralized document management system has the ability to provide real-time collaboration and adjustments in the instructions across any room or continent.

Fewer Risks

Rules and regulations can change quickly and without warning. Often times, these changes can also affect many operational touch points. Electronic work instruction makes it easy to for the right people to become aware of these new processes.

With a centralized platform and digital workflows, relevant content and data can be easily shared and include things like corrective and preventive action management and audit management processes.

Faster Introduction of New Products

Constant communication between manufacturing and engineering is critical in the process of developing, testing and building out new products. By utilizing electronic work instruction, companies can ensure efficient collaboration between all parties — and in real time if necessary.

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