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How Managed Print Services Eliminate the Tasks You Dread

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on May 19, 2016 9:32:37 AM

You start the day ready to take on your ever growing to-do list. Feeling motivated, you begin on the first item of the day – and then one of your employees frantically rushes in with a printer emergency.


Did you know that there’s a solution that not only removes your printer and copier machine worries, but can also save you money?

Meet Managed Print Services. Managed Print Services (MPS) is the process of evaluating your current situation and needs – then optimizing your machines and processes to save you money, make your business run smoother, and even reduce your environmental impact.

While that’s the big picture solution, what changes will you see in your day-to-day work? Let’s break it down.

Start Off Right

How many machines do you have that are not only unnecessary, but also slowing you down? During your MPS assessment, you’ll find out which machines you need, which ones you don’t, and where you can make changes to your printer fleet to make it work better for you. You could find that the device that takes hours out of your week could be replaced for cheaper than you thought – saving time and headaches.

Never Manage Supplies

You’ll no longer run out of supplies, but you’ll also no longer need to store them. How does that work? Managed Print Services keeps track of your supply levels, and sends you what you need, when you need it. That means you can use that storage room full of toner, paper, and supplies for something much more fun. It also means no last minute runs for toner before the big meeting.

Stay Secure

For many industries, security is of utmost importance – but it can also be confusing. Don’t worry whether that confidential document you just printed is accessible to anyone through the printer. With Managed Print Services, you’ll be able to set up your machines to be secure from the start.

Automate Workflows

If you’re printing complicated brochures every month or specialized documents, it can be time consuming to print. With all the colors, doublesided paper, and stapling, among other things, you might be looking at hours out of your day. Or maybe you need every document scanned automatically sent to an email address or folder, and that time adds up. By setting up automated workflows, you’ll be able to do more in less time and eliminate errors.

No More Troubleshooting

Have you ever studied a device’s manual, trying to figure out why it wasn’t printing, and why those lights were blinking red? Thanks to Managed Print Services, you’ll always have someone on your side to fix any major problems that crop up, and be able to remove ‘troubleshoot the printer’ from your job description.

We can show you exactly how managed print services will make your job easier. Request a free assessment and we’ll review your company and present you with our findings and concrete ways to make changes.

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