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Grading App for Teachers: Xerox ConnectKey App for Remark Test Grading

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Feb 12, 2019 10:00:00 AM

One of the most valuable aspects of technology is that it changes the way people work. While some people view smarter machines as a replacement for human labor, they can actually be a great tool to supplement the efforts of talented individuals.

Take teachers for example. The ability to convey knowledge according to a curriculum’s standards and in the way that people learn takes talent. And it also takes a lot of time – especially when talking about tedious tasks like grading tests.

The famous bubble test is still a mainstay at many schools, universities, and learning institutions. But the old method for grading it isn’t – thanks to Xerox ConnectKey appsand the handy features they offer, more people are turning to technology to do their grading.B2

The Appeal of a Grading App for Teachers

One of the downfalls of being an educator is the workload. In other occupations, people may have entire teams for separate aspects of the same job. But in most cases, teachers do it all – creating the lesson plan, teaching it, administering the test, and finally, grading the test.

Grading isn’t an easy task, even if it’s simply checking multiple-choice answers by a key. It’s a long and repetitive job and it is easy to make a mistake. Many teachers stay after school for hoursto grade papers, and to complete other administrative tasks.

When there are dozens or even hundreds of tests to grade, this can get old quickly. Xerox’s ConnectKey technology was built for situations just like this. Not only can using the right technology help teachers avoid the tedium of grading tests, but it can help them dedicate more of their energy to other tasks.

ConnectKey offers a tablet-style interface most users will feel familiar with right away. Tools work for both enterprise and SMB locations. Xerox innovations have a lot going for them, but in terms of specifics, how does their grading app for teachers work?

Easier Grading, More Time for Teaching

Using Xerox ConnectKey technologyon a multifunctional device with the Remark test grading app, grading tests is easy. To start, a teacher would use the Remark software to print off the tests, then distribute them as they would any other type of test.

Once they’ve collected the completed answer sheets, they then scan them in the device for instant results and report summaries. Once they’re done with that, all there is to do is go over the results with students. And with less time spent grading tests, there is more time to review answers and ensure students are truly absorbing the material rather than just completing tests.

Going back to the topic of delegating tasks throughout departments, it is important to remember sometimes teachers do have assistants or aids. However, the problem is many of these individuals are not certified to grade tests manually. But with the grading process streamlined to an app, that entire process can be assigned to the assistant.

Not only does the use of the Remark test grading service make it easier to avoid errors, but it makes all processes associated with testing easy to manage. Simply log into the Gravic Remark account and access test templates, results pages, and other handy tools to streamline this important part of the workflow.

This app comes in both Windows and Cloud versions. While there are some different functions for each, both offer conveniences like a handy answer-sheet designer, subjective points for essay questions along with write-in boxes, and the option to export grades to common formats like CSV, Access, or Excel.

Grade Smarter, Teach Better with Xerox Innovations

Innovations like this grading app have changed the game for teachers around the world. It’s never been easier to take a big chunk of the workload (and a monotonous one, at that) and streamline it via smart technology.

Teachers are always having to balance their time carefully, and that won’t change. But thanks to this grading app for teachers, they do free up a little bit of time in their daily workload for other tasks. This could come in the form of a little extra free time if their schedule allows, or more time to dedicate to other aspects of teaching.

Educators must be focused on understanding their own curriculums thoroughly and knowing how to convey the knowledge to others. Sometimes reaching a class or a particular student can be tough, and less time spent staring at score sheets means more time to help students learn.

Don’t spend another second grading the old way – technology like these Xerox innovations have made that way of life optional. Zeno offers creative tech solutions to help you transform your workplace and streamline important tasks – contact us today.


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