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ConnectKey App Spotlight – Xerox Easy Translator

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Mar 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM

 How does your company deal with multilingual documents?

Until recently, enterprises that need multilingual documents have had to use one of two strategies -  outsourcing translation to freelancers and professional service firms, or hiring multilingual employees for key positions.

Both of these have benefits and drawbacks.


Outsourcing, for instance, can cost up to $0.24 cents per word. These prices rise significantly for complex technical text of any kind.

You can save money by hiring multilingual employees, but consider how hard it is to find a competent, trustworthy accountant with experience using your organization's suite of software. Now you need to find one who can communicate fluently in Cantonese and Mandarin, as well!

Even if you find your multilingual employees, every hour they spend translating documents is time spent not performing their core function.

AI-based translation services are beginning to address this problem, but if you have a 200-page paper document to translate, you must first manually type the entire text into an application and hope it doesn't need heavy editing afterwards.

Xerox loves to tackle big problems like this one - the solution is characteristically elegant, intuitive, and cost-efficient.

Introducing Xerox Easy Translator – Instant AI Translations

The ConnectKey software platform turns multifunction devices into all-in-one productivity powerhouses for modern document processing. By giving these devices access to cloud-based apps and services, they are able to perform operations that seemed impossible only a few years ago.

One of these applications is Xerox Easy Translator. It is a standard app available to every ConnectKey system with no upfront hardware or software purchase required. Deploying the app is a simple, one-touch affair, and using it is equally intuitive.

Using Xerox Easy Translator, you can instantly translate a paper document simply by scanning into your multifunction device and letting the Xerox AI translation engine produce an instant translation. The device uses optical character recognition to convert paper document text to digital text, sends it to a secure translation server, and returns almost immediately with an accurate, reliable translation.

Easy Translator supports over 20 different file formats, from hardcopy to JPEGs, TIFFs, PDFs, Microsoft Office file formats, and more. It also supports more than 44 languages, from major world languages like English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese to national languages like Indonesian, Latvian, Thai, and Kiswahili.

Xerox designed the translation interface for simplicity. ConnectKey's built-in cloud connectivity and mobile-device compatibility means that you can automatically translate a document using nothing more than a photo on your smartphone – just drop it into the ConnectKey mobile app and choose which printer you'd like to produce the translated paper document.

Xerox uses a volume subscription plan for Easy Translator, which makes it easy for users to avoid overspending on translation services. Sign up for as little as 10 pages per year or as much as 100,000 pages – Easy Translator features built-in scalability for small businesses and global enterprises alike.

What About Xerox Professional Translations?

AI translation is an area of rapid tech development, . While artificial intelligence offers excellent document translation services – and will continue to improve at an extraordinary pace – there will always be a need for quick, reliable access to human translation services.

As an industry leader, Xerox is responding to  this need with three levels of human translation, Express, Professional, and Expert:

  • Express is the fastest and most affordable option. Have a human translator edit a machine-generated translation for style and accuracy.
  • Professional translation features a two-step process wherein a trained native speaker translates the document and sends it to a dedicated editor before returning it to you.
  • Expert translation is for highly specialized content that needs to be translated by an expert in a specific field. This is best for complex documents that use industry-specific terms that a native speaker wouldn't know without relevant industry experience.

With Xerox Easy Translator available on the ConnectKey platform, you have access to all of these translation options anywhere you go, and the ability to print your finished document at any ConnectKey-enabled printer on your network, anywhere in the world.

Ready to start saving time and money on document translation? Ask our team which ConnectKey multifunction device is the best fit for your needs.

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