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ConnectKey App Spotlight – CapturePoint

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Apr 3, 2018 9:30:00 AM

How much time does your company spend on data entry?

If your employees are still typing documents into spreadsheets and databases, the cost is too high.

One of the key highlights of the Xerox ConnectKey app environment is the ability to add optical character recognition (OCR) to document workflows. Until recently, organizations had to invest in expensive on-premises OCR solutions with attached scanners to achieve this level of automation. Now, every owner of a ConnectKey-enabled Xerox device has this technology at their fingertips.B1.jpg

Process Fusion Inc. is a Canadian developer that helps businesses improve their processes by reducing the errors associated with manual data entry. As a partner of Xerox, the developer has made its flagship application – CapturePoint:Transformer – available through the Xerox App Gallery.

CapturePoint does more than transform print documents into editable, searchable digital documents. It also allows organizations to manage those documents on a variety of cloud-hosted services, giving knowledge workers unparalleled access to the data they need.

Benefits of Using CapturePoint

CapturePoint is a productivity solution compatible with any Xerox ConnectKey-enabled multifunction device. It operates through an office-wide licensing agreement. One easy subscription allows the entire office to boost productivity and reduce costs in a multitude of ways:

  • Reduce Data Entry Costs. Instead of having employees type printed data into spreadsheets and databases, CapturePoint's OCR capabilities automatically recognizes printed text and transforms the text into an editable digital document. This capability costs only a few dollars per day and allows for unlimited users and unlimited scans.
  • Easy to Deploy and Use. Unlike the bulky in-house OCR servers of yesteryear, the CapturePoint application resides on the cloud and is simple to deploy from any network-connected ConnectKey-compatible Xerox multifunction device. The interface is as intuitive as a smartphone app – no manuals or specialized IT knowledge needed.
  • Best-in-Class Security. As a part of the ConnectKey app environment, CapturePoint uses data encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to keep data safe during the OCR process. CapturePoint's OCR engine lives in a Tier-III Certified data center, ensuring that your printed information remains securely yours before, during, and after the digitalization process.
  • Across-the-Board Compatibility. Your office already relies on cloud technology to complete complex workflows. Whether your employees use Google Drive to share documents or sends them directly to one another through a cloud-hosted email system, cloud framework is being utilized. CapturePoint is universally compatible with cloud-based data storage systems, from Dropbox to DocuShare, SharePoint, Thru, and more. All you need to access CapturePoint is a user account with write and folder creation permissions.

How Does CapturePoint Compare with Other OCR Solutions?

CapturePoint is the simplest and most powerful system of its kind on the market. Whereas an on-premises OCR server requires in-depth training to use and maintain, CapturePoint requires no training and maintains itself. Even a desktop scanner with OCR software requires basic training and maintenance.

In terms of costs, CapturePoint outperforms both in-house servers and desktop solutions. Instead of purchasing a server, software to run it, a scanner, and paying for the installation and maintenance of those devices, you can have your Xerox printer take care of the entire process.

Also, not all OCR solutions support unlimited users. You could set up an internal OCR server to serve potentially unlimited users, but if you were to rely on a desktop scanner and OCR software package for this purpose, it would only serve a single user. This creates a bottleneck where all of your documents have to pass through a single individual before arriving on the cloud, ready for the entire organization to use.

CapturePoint is one of the only OCR solutions that runs natively on a multifunction device, instead of running on a desktop PC or laptop computer. You only need to use a computer once – to download the app onto your Xerox multifunction device – and your computer doesn't even need to be connected directly to the device. It needs only to be on the same network.

Where this technology truly shines is in daily use, where its functionality sets it apart from the OCR crowd. Prior to CapturePoint, OCR solutions typically had difficulty recognizing unusual text, or pictograms like the "®" symbol, causing printed pages to result in garbled or partially intelligible text. This application uses the latest image-recognition technology to transform all printed characters into digital text.

Are you ready to incorporate industry-leading OCR technology into your document workflow? Contact Zeno and speak with a Xerox ConnectKey expert about your needs.

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