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Xerox ConnectKey Technology – A Comprehensive Approach to Print Security

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Mar 6, 2019 2:00:00 PM

With data security breaches becoming ever more common, businesses won’t want to leave any data — digital or print — unprotected.

And, an off-the-shelf solution that simply meets industry standards isn’t what’s needed. The savvy business owner will demand a print security solution that exceeds current standards for technology when it comes to print data protection. They’ll want Xerox ConnectKey.

Xerox ConnectKey offers businesses an intuitive interface that keeps data secure as it travels through the network from the cloud or from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet to its final destination at the printer.

As easy to implement as it is to use, ConnectKey security will increase security for both digital and print documents across the board for increased protection and productivity.

B1 March ImageConnectKey Apps — Print Security for the Digital Age

ConnectKey technology is the perfect product to bridge the gap for employees that entered the workforce before the digital age as well as those that are digital natives. With easy-to-use touchscreen controls, learning curves are a thing of the past.

Additionally, ConnectKey implements cloud connectivity to allow users to share, create, and distribute documents with just a few taps.

But, just because it’s intuitive doesn’t mean that ConnectKey apps are soft on security. In fact, Xerox designed them with a strict, four-part security approach to ensure users have the most powerful protection in the industry.

Let’s look at the four ways the print security of documents is enhanced through ConnectKey's powerful resources:

1.) Breach Prevention

The best way to prevent data breaches is to control access to all documents. ConnectKey does this through user authentication systems and access controls for every access point in your network.

Reinforcing this, a set of strong internal capabilities are also in place to prevent malware, malicious attack, and other varieties of unauthorized access and use from both transmitted data and direct multifaceted peripheral (MFP) access.

2.) Device Identification

ConnectKey will launch a Firmware Verification test at device startup or whenever an authorized user requests it, to alert management or the process owner if there have been any harmful or malicious changes to the printer detected.

As an extra measure, ConnectKey employs cutting-edge McAfee®Whitelisting technology to provide constant monitoring of, and protection from, malware.

Finally, ConnectKey auto-detects Xerox® devices through integration with Cisco® Identity Services Engine (ISE) so they may be classified as printers. This classification helps with implementation and compliance with any corporate security policies.

3.) Protection of Documents and Data

To prevent unintentional transmission of sensitive or secured data to unauthorized recipients, ConnectKey keeps documents from being printed until the correct user has reached the device.

Any stored information is further protected by Xerox’s high-level encryption process.

And, when an organization is ready to delete data that’s been stored or processed, they’ll have the power of algorithms that are approved for data-clearing and data sanitization by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

4.) Partnerships for the Win

There is also strength in partnerships, and Xerox has leveraged some of the most well-known names in security to bring your business a little more peace of mind. ConnectKey Technology partners with McAfee®* and Cisco® —current leaders in data security.

Our team’s performance is repeatedly measured against international standards using certifications such as FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria to bring the highest level of security for the current business environment.

Whatever needs a company has, ConnectKey offers the highest level of print security in an easy-to-use app for superior flexibility and performance.

Trust ConnectKey to Get the Job Done Securely

Using Xerox’ ConnectKey apps will help establish additional levels of security for both stored and printed documents while providing excellent workflow management through controlled access and easy-to-use touchscreen capabilities.

In addition, Xerox is constantly honing their ConnectKey apps as technologies — and business needs — evolve, to bring you up-to-date, leading-edge customizable solutions for your business workplace.

If you’re concerned about data security and you want an easy-to-implement business automation solution, contact Zeno Solutions right now and see how ConnectKey apps can enhance the security of your in-house print and document capabilities today.


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