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5 Times Mobile Print Solutions Will Save the Day

Posted by Zeno Office Solutions on Oct 19, 2016 9:32:36 AM

Gone are the days of clunky printers sitting on desks with wires tangling at your feet. No longer do you need to haul your laptop to the printer to connect and print from it.

Now, printing can happen from almost anywhere and from any device. This is helpful for not only everyday work, but also those times you are rushing to a meeting with no time to switch computers. Or those times when you’re already in a meeting and find you or your guests need a document immediately.


Mobile printing eliminates the anxiety and stress around figuring out how to print from your devices. After the initial setup on your network, you can send documents directly and wirelessly from your phone, laptop, or desktop computer with just a few clicks or touches.

These are just a few of the times you’ll be grateful you opted for a mobile print solution.

When a client brings in their own device

Your client shows up to the meeting and needs to print out a few documents to share with the group. Should you set up the printer on their computer? Should you delay the meeting so they can email it to you, download the document and print it out? With mobile printing, they’ll be able to quickly send the documents to the printer themselves.

When you need make last minutes changes to a document before a meeting

You’re ready for a meeting and decide to take one last look through the handout. That’s when you notice a glaring error – you spelled someone’s name wrong. With just minutes to spare, you fix your mistake and are able to hit print and regroup just before they walk in the door. You silently thank mobile printing.

When you’re so busy you don’t have 15 minutes to spend printing

After running from meeting to meeting all day, you have a minute to check your emails on your laptop. You find a contract you need to print out ASAP. In the past, you’ve been frustrated with the office printer and have spent a quarter of an hour trying to get it to print. With mobile printing, you can have your one moment of zen when you print out your document.

When your IT guy is on vacation

If you have to set up your computer to print an important report but your IT member is out of the office, you don’t want to be out of luck. Mobile printing makes it easier to print documents yourself from whatever device you’re using.

When you want to impress a potential client

When you bring in a potential client to the office, you want to present your team in the best possible light. While they may have dealt with glitchy technology at other offices or even at their own, you want to look prepared. The little things will impress them, like how easy and smooth it is for you or them to print documents without an interruption.

If you’re ready to eliminate printer stress by adding mobile printing to your office, contact one of our team members to learn how easy it can be. We’ll handle the setup so you can focus on the work that matters to your bottom line.


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