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4 Office Challenge Ideas to Increase Employee Satisfaction

Posted on Feb 5, 2016 9:41:35 AM

Here at Zeno, our employees are competitive – we are constantly challenging each other. One of the fun ways we do this is through office challenges. It’s fun, improves morale, and makes spending time at the office more enjoyable.


To kick off the new year, our team is competing in a fitness challenge called The Biggest Loser. Through April 8th, we’ll be weighing ourselves weekly and tracking our progress. Employees have contributed a small cash amount, Zeno has matched it, and at the end the winner will get the jackpot.

We’re already looking forward to our next activity in a few months, the Sports Fest Challenge. It’s a corporate sports fest where we’ll be competing in beach sporting events, like volleyball and tug of war, at St. Pete Beach.

Want to add some of the same fun to your company? Are you looking for ways to bring out your company’s competitive side? Here are four office challenges that do just that.

Focus on Fitness and Health

You too can hold a fitness-related challenge. Whether you choose a diet or activity-based challenge, most people are looking for an excuse to be healthier and will be happy to participate. If you try a fitness challenge at your company, have employees create personal goals. For instance, who improves the number of pushups or situps they can do the most? Or what about improving your mile run time the most significantly?

It’s also fun to split the office into teams, like marketing, sales, and executive. By having teams, it creates camaraderie and encourages team building.

Give Back to the Community

Who can donate the most used clothing? Bring in the most canned food? Or maybe put in the most hours volunteering? Choosing a challenge that encourages people to give back makes it easy to boost morale and motivate your employees to donate to those in need.

Make it competitive and give the person who gives back the most a big prize. Everyone wins with this one, try buying lunch or giving a gift card for those who participate.

Host a Cook Off

Food is always fun – hold a cook off and compete for the best recipe! Pick a food that most people enjoy eating, like salsa or chocolate chip cookies. Without saying who brought what, sample the food and then vote on the most delicious.

In this case, even if you don’t win the big prize, it’s still fun to eat delicious food and it gives your team an opportunity to get to know each other better.

Encourage Work Challenges

Keeping employees happy can happen within the work itself. Challenge your sales team members to hit certain numbers or focus on a certain aspect of your business for the month. Encourage your marketing team to exceed what they achieved the last year. It’s a win for your company and for your employees! Make sure you give a prize good enough for them to put in the extra work.

Whichever challenge you go for, good luck! Want to follow Zeno’s challenges and see what our team is up to? Like us on Facebook!

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